2 Simple Talent Acquisition Strategies

2 Simple Talent Acquisition Strategies 600 391 Balance Point Team

In 2018, over 75 percent of all employers were unable to find highly qualified candidates to fill positions within their own organizations. So far, 2019 has been trending in the same direction, and it is unlikely to change for fiscal year 2020.

To run a successful business, you need the right people with the right skills in the right job.

Sounds easy, right? 

Unfortunately, this is clearly a common problem across all industries and business sectors.

How do you find the right people for the job?

Here are some quick talent acquisition strategies that can help you narrow your search and bring the right people on board.

Align Job Descriptions and Positions with Long Term Business Goals

Hiring the best talent isn’t all about filling empty desks anymore.

You have to think smarter and more strategic.

The candidate you hire for the job must help your business grow as you initiate new programs and expand as a company. 

For example, let’s say you plan to expand your business into other product or service sectors within the next five years. When you go to hire new talent, you want to attract candidates who have specific experience working for similar service providers or producing similar products. Focusing on hiring candidates that meet these criteria allows you to “future-proof” your business. 

This is what aligning job descriptions and positions with long term business goals looks like.

Step Up Your Marketing Via Data Analysis to Attract Better Candidates

Marketing your job openings is like marketing your business. You need to see what the statistical data says about your campaign’s effectiveness and make changes using that information. Acquiring talent for your company works the same way.

To convince highly qualified candidates to work for you, you need to find what incentivizes them to seek you out and ultimately accept the job offer.

You can analyze existing hiring data to find out where your best candidates came from before working for you and focus on targeting people in that industry who may be looking for a fresh start.

Another approach you can take is to have your marketing people work with human resources to refine and improve your job postings, careers page, outreach emails, and other documentation and web content intended to attract the best people to work for you.

Build Your A-Team with Ease

Talent acquisition is more than getting people on the roster. It’s about building a championship-level team. The secrets to building yours can be found in our free resource The Ultimate Guide to Talent Acquisition. Get your free copy here >>

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