2019 Must-Read Articles

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Keeping up with all the news headlines from this past year is impossible! As this year is coming to an end, we’d like to share with you our must-read articles of 2019 and hopefully help you to prepare and set new goals for the future. 

4 Mistakes that Zap Employee Engagement

Engagement has been a buzzword in human resources for some time now. With more positions being filled with millennials and Gen Z employees, HR teams are looking for new strategies to increase employee engagement and help build a connected workforce. 

It’s important not to rush your initiatives, as oversights may cause negativity within the company. In our article we cover four important mistakes that can have the opposite effect, despite well-intentioned efforts. 

Refresh your employee engagement efforts and steer clear of the mistakes covered in this article. 

Why You Should Invest In Employee Development

Building a dream team doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, it would be great if every new hire had all of the qualities you desired. More often than not, employees need to be groomed and developed for success. 

High employee turnover isn’t good for morale, and it’s extremely costly. According to SHRM, it costs up to 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary to find a direct replacement.

In this article we cover why it’s important to encourage employee development by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. 

Finally Fully Digitizing HR

As a society we’re faced with many technological  innovations. Technology in the workplace is widely discussed, and the digital era has finally hit HR. 

HR technologies have evolved over the years and now HR professionals are taking advantage so they have a more strategic role within the company. 

In the article we take a deep dive into what digitizing HR actually means, what it looks like for your future, and how your organization can make the transition. 

Human Capital Management vs. Human Resource Management

HR is changing in many ways, and although some may think it’s just a name change, there is a significant difference between Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resource Management (HRM). In this article we discuss why the terminology is so important and why using one over the other could impact the way your employees are viewed. 

Learn why HCM is an essential set of practices and processes organizations utilize to manage the employee life cycle. This could be a crucial part in your goals for this upcoming year. 

How to Succeed in an Employee-Driven Market

Human resource management has experienced another shift when it comes to recruitment and retainment. 

When looking to recruit new employees, the demands are largely dictated by the employee. Recruiters have had to become more creative in writing job listings to help sell the company and the job to qualified candidates. 

If you plan on taking on new employees in 2020, give this article a read to make sure you’re aware of the drivers of change and how you can succeed in the hiring process. 

People Analytics: Why all the Hype? 

The use of analytics in HR has risen in popularity in recent years. HR teams use it at the most basic level to reflect on past events, and at the highest to predict outcomes. 

In this article we explore these 4 factors that are contributing to the rise of  the use of analytics in HR:

  • The Ongoing Hunt for Talent
  • An Increase in Awareness and Guidance
  • Fear of Non-Compliance
  • Access to Better Technology

Make sure your organization is in a position to succeed this year and learn more about implementing HR analytics into your organization. 

To A Bright Future

We hope this quick recap of the “must reads” of 2019 gives you a refreshed mindset to plan what’s next in store for your organization.

If you need help achieving your goals and would like to streamline your processes, feel free to schedule a consultation with us.


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