3 Reasons You Know It’s Time To Switch Payroll Providers

3 Reasons You Know It’s Time To Switch Payroll Providers 940 788 Balance Point Team

3 Reasons You Know It’s Time To Switch Payroll ProvidersWhether you have been with your payroll provider for 10 months or 10 years, if you are not completely satisfied, it’s time to move on.

There’s no doubt that making the switch can be scary. After all, you will have to not only research new providers, but also learn the ins and outs of the new company.

Yet, simply going along with software, technology, and strategies for the sake of convenience of avoiding a switch, will only make things worse.

As if “worse” were even possible.

Regardless of how long you have been with your payroll company, if they are frequently making mistakes, lacking professionalism, and not communicating effectively, then you need to reevaluate your relationship with them.

The following three indicators will help you know it’s time to switch payroll providers.

Poor Customer Service

One reason you may decide to switch payroll providers is poor customer service. If you find yourself waiting on hold so long that you start rockin’ out to the hold music, than you might have a customer service issue.

Your payroll provider should promptly be able to handle your needs regardless of the problem. Whether it’s urgent or a run-of-the-mill matter, they should handle it with ease and communicate to you throughout the entire process.

Involving you and allowing you to understand the timeline in resolving the problem is crucial. If you don’t know what’s going on, it can cause unnecessary anxieties and frustrations.

?The bottom line is you have a business to run. If your payroll provider is constantly letting your problems slip through the cracks, avoiding them completely, or “fixing” them only to become ongoing issues that don’t fully get resolved, then it’s impossible for you to run your best business.

You need a seamless, fully responsive and professional payroll provider that is eager to help you with your problems and has the interest of your business in mind.

Fooling The System: Outsmarting Your Payroll Provider

Communicating with your payroll provider should be easy. They should know your name, know your current problems and foresee future ones.

The relationship should be strong and supportive, so if you find that you have to lie or trick your payroll provider just to get your problem solved, then it’s time to move on.

A payroll provider should make your life easier, not feel like a bad marriage.

Additionally, it may be tempting to address your problems yourself through strategies such as manual spreadsheets just to avoid a call to your payroll provider. Yet taking matters into your own hands for the sake of time and simplicity will ultimately lead to mistakes, miscalculations and inaccuracies.

Handling situations on your own for the sake of time and simplicity will cause more headaches down the road. Spreadsheets are not a good long-term solution and manually entering information can cause data corruption and hours of data tracking should a mistake occur. ??

Negligent Payroll Provider: What To Look Out For?

When you hire a payroll service provider, you have a certain amount of expectations that you trust they will uphold. Your hope is that they will guide you through your problems and help you reach solutions.

Honestly, that’s not a lot to ask. In fact, they should go above and beyond and create a solid relationship with you to the point where they can anticipate your problems.

So, if they are barely providing technical support and not even attempting to approach solutions, and are impersonal and detached from you and your company, then you have a series of (bright!) red flags on your hands.

These negligent actions are harmful to your company because they slow down production, and may force you to attempt taking matters into your own hands.

Allowing your payroll provider to not meet your expectations is a waste of time, a waste of your resources, and a complete waste of your funds.

??Whether the customer service is taking too long, you are forced to trick your payroll provider or take matters into your own hands, the communication is lacking, or all of the above, you should not have to deal with a payroll provider that does not meet your expectations.

Rather than spend any more time feeling frustrated, you can get started doing research on new payroll providers. It may help to ask friends in the industry or read reviews online to help you you’re your decision.

Invite them in for a demo and talk to them about your current issues and what they will do differently. Hold the new company to your expectations. They should have excellent communications, include you throughout the entire timeline when solving an issue, and periodically present new software that may benefit your company.

A quality payroll provider will make you feel as if you are getting the complete value. Although any change can be unnerving, for the sake of your business, it may be time to make the switch.

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