3 Tips For Hiring College Students After Tax Season

3 Tips For Hiring College Students After Tax Season 2560 1700 Balance Point Team

3tipsforhiringcollegegradsaftertaxseasonThe rules in the game of talent are changing for accounting firms. Although, in the industry of accounting, it’s never been a surprise that there’s always been a battle for talent.

However, over the past few years a combination of changes has made attracting talent more difficult.

First, the industry market is tight.

Second, firms are starting to recruit students at an earlier stage than before.

Third, they have an actionable plan in place, and are hiring their own people to do the recruiting as opposed to hiring outside agencies.

It may be a difficult task, but hiring a recent college grad has many benefits to a company. From their high energy and enthusiasm, new and fresh ideas, and tech savvy skill sets, they could be the perfect addition to your firm.

To help you find and attract the talent you’re looking for,  we’ve put together 3 tips for hiring college students after tax season.

How Accounting Firms Can Recruit College Students

Campus Networking

With such competitiveness amongst accounting firms to recruit the best talent, it’s important to know the students you’re working with. Get familiar with college career centers, and be aware of any kind of career fair or student related activities.

Holding on campus interviews is a good way to meet the students, and allow them to familiarize themselves with your firm. Going to a college campus a few times a year will help you scout out those who are seriously interested in their career.

Don’t limit yourself to only local college students.

77% of new graduates would be willing to relocate for their first job – and a significant 29% would be willing to move anywhere.

With the close of tax season right around the corner, get ready to kick back, relax and smell the roses – but not for too long! The next tax season will sneak up on you and it is important to be prepared – and what better way is there to do that than by bringing in new, eager talent!

Although you may not be looking to hire right out of tax season you will certainly be looking for Jr. Accountants in the coming months.

TaxTalent’s 2016 Top in Tax Survey based their poll on 155 current US heads of in-house corporate tax departments to let you know which schools to recruit from!

Where To Recruit College Students:

Undergrad Degree in Accounting

  1. University of Illinois
  2. University of Texas
  3. Brigham Young University
  4. University of Notre Dame
  5. Georgetown University
  6. University of Michigan
  7. University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science – Taxation

  1. Golden Gate University
  2. Villanova University
  3. University of Illinois
  4. DePaul University
  5. University of Denver

Master of Accounting

  1. University of Notre Dame
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Michigan
  4. University of Florida
  5. Texas A&M University
  6. Baylor University

Master of Accounting – Taxation Specialization

  1. University of Texas
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Notre Dame
  4. Rutgers University
  5. Indiana University

MBA – Taxation

  1. Fordham University
  2. St. John’s University
  3. Pace University
  4. Baruch College
  5. Hofstra University

Juris Doctor – Taxation

  1. Harvard University
  2. Georgetown University
  3. Yale University
  4. Duke University
  5. University of Michigan

 L.L.M. – Taxation

  1. New York University
  2. Georgetown University
  3. Northwestern University
  4. Harvard University
  5. Boston University

With the ease of technology at our fingertips (literally), online communication is a part of the social norm. Look into other colleges and universities that you’d like to work with and offer students a virtual visit to your office. You can also set up times with students and managers to have a video chat and give some perspective as to what it’s like to work at your firm.

Take Advantage Of Technology

It sounds like a no brainer, but there are plenty of firms what don’t take advantage of using the internet as their way to communicate is potential hires.

You may say “I have a website with a careers page, that should help right?”. You certainly should have a website, but limiting yourself to only posting job opportunities to your website will definitely limit your reach of potential hires. Check out job boards and career sites to post your job listing to help broaden your reach.

Having a mobile friendly site. This will be beneficial in more ways than one, but take advantage of the 77% of job seekers that are using job search engines as their primary method for job search. Having your job postings viewable and shareable from mobile is important.

Make A Good Impression

With Millennials disrupting workplace in today’s society, you have to give THEM a reason to want to work for you.

When writing an ad for the position you’re trying to fill, consider who your ideal hire is. Make sure your ad is speaking directly to them. This is also a good place for your company to communicate its own personality through writing.

Mention the reasons a college grad would want to work for your firm. Communicating with them what your firm’s vision, and where you see that person adding in value to your team.

When hiring younger talent, they want to feel like their position is crucial to the company. They want to feel like they are a part of making the company great.

Hiring Younger Talent

Hiring a recent grad could be a lot of work on your end, but having the right person joining your firm will make it worth it. Even if you’re not in a position to retire anytime soon, it’s a good idea to start recruiting talent that will one day take over, and keep your firm in the position for success.

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