5 Blogs to Help Your Nonprofit Succeed

5 Blogs to Help Your Nonprofit Succeed 1382 922 Balance Point Team

Looking for advice to help your nonprofit thrive? Then no further than your laptop. The internet is chock-full of helpful sites and blogs with content to help you with fundraising efforts, communicating with your constituents, and even finding humor in your daily struggles.

We’ve compiled a list our favorites worth checking out.

5 Blogs to Help Your Nonprofit Succeed

Big Duck

Big Duck Nonprofit BlogCEO and founder Sarah Durham is the author of Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility Through Smart Communications, a must-read book for nonprofits seeking to smartly and effectively transform their communication efforts. Sarah started Big Duck in 1994 to help nonprofits reach supporters, build awareness, and raise money. Articles from authors of diverse backgrounds focus on the topics of brandraising, campaigns, copywriting, and design.


The Storytelling Nonprofit

Storytelling Nonprofit BlogStorytelling is an essential component of nonprofits’ communications as it helps improve outreach and fundraising, especially when it comes to smaller organizations. Vanessa Chase Lockshin, international nonprofit consultant and founder of The Storytelling Nonprofit, is a master at it and shares her narrative techniques to help your organization generate greater personal interest and accountability.


Hands on Fundraising 

Hands On Fundraising Nonprofit BlogMary Cahalane, nonprofit fundraising consultant, copywriter, and blogger launched Hands on Fundraising in 2014 to help nonprofits make smart choices with limited resources. Her writing focuses on great communications, planning, and strong donor relationships; and she backs her advice with real life examples culled from years of experience working with nonprofits.


John Haydon Nonprofit BlogJohn Haydon

Author of Facebook for Marketing Dummies and Facebook Marketing All-In-One, John Haydon is an expert when it comes to digital marketing and how it can benefit nonprofits. With article on topics like Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Facebook Marketing, John shares his tips and tricks for utilizing social media to market your nonprofit. If you’re looking to expand your digital presence, don’t overlook this site.


Nonprofit with Balls

Nonprofit With Balls BlogRead Vu Le’s profile and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Irreverent, and insightful, he spotlights the humor in the nonprofit world and the importance of “taking the work seriously, but not ourselves.” Despite what you might be thinking, the term “balls” refers to all that nonprofit professionals have to juggle: clients, board, staff, volunteers, auditors, payrolls, budgets, annual events, etc. The meaning is clearly communicated once you see the site’s mascot, a cartoon unicorn juggling a dozen colorful balls.


Notable Mentions

These are also worth the click.

Beth’s Blog http://www.bethkanter.org/

Getting Attention http://gettingattention.org/

Network for Good http://www.networkforgood.com/nonprofitblog/

Nonprofit Nate https://nonprofitnate.com/category/for-fundraisers/

Nonprofit Quarterly https://nonprofitquarterly.org/

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