Mobile Apps For Busy HR Professionals

Mobile Apps For Busy HR Professionals 2000 2000 Balance Point Team

The role of HR has developed over the past few decades. Their involvement has changed from only being in charge of hiring and employment law to having a larger hand in tracking these processes in great detail, along with time and attendance, performance, and so much more.

Due to the HR profession evolving, many professionals have busy day-to-day schedules and are on-the-go more frequently.

Luckily, technology has also evolved over the past few decades and HR professionals can now take advantage of mobile/ipad friendly applications to help make their jobs a bit easier.

Mobile Apps For HR Professionals

HR Management

hr managementHR Management is a free mobile app that will keep you at the forefront of today’s people management strategies. Some of the many things you’ll be able to focus on include:

  • HR Management & Strategy
  • Technology & Software
  • Staffing & Recruitment
  • Leadership Development
  • Training, Learning & Development
  • HR Outsourcing

Having some of these features available at the tips of your fingers (literally!) will help increase your productivity if you’re out of the office. You’ll also have access to the latest HR news articles, trends, job postings, and videos to continuously educate yourself!

Employee Manager

employee managerFor busy employee managers, you know how time consuming it can be keeping employee records. With this app, you’re able to record incidents, set goals, and log meetings within a few seconds.

You’ll be more organized and able to cut down on time in front of your computer using this app, especially if an incident happens, or you receive an email with crucial information that you don’t want to forget to log.

Just a FEW features to mention are:

  • Add employees manually or quickly import with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Log an employee incident with a few taps of your device. It will include the incident type, the action taken and the date. You can add extra comments if necessary. Attach a photo to an incident for extra documentation.
  • Manage incident types and actions taken by easily adding the incidents that occur most often among your employees. The app is customizable to fit your specific business.
  • Keep track of employee goals including target dates and completion status. Easily email the goals to each employee, HR, or upper management.
  • Log meetings with employees. Easily see what incidents and goals need to be discussed at the meeting. Email meeting summary to employees from the app.
  • Employee history makes it easy for you to notice and have records of patterns of behavior. This comes in handy when making decisions about bonuses, merit increases, or layoffs and filling out performance reviews.
  • Have employee information at your fingertips including: birthdays, employment anniversaries, employee contact information, and emergency contacts.
  • Customize your employee records by creating your own user-defined fields (UDF)
  • Launch a phone call, text, or email directly from the app without having to search elsewhere for employee contact information.

This app isn’t free but for the price of $4.99 you’ll be able to save more time and gain productivity throughout your day.


futuhrYou’re an HR professional working for a small to mid-sized business. Your days are jammed packed with multiple responsibilities and keeping up on tasks is difficult. You need to streamline your workflow and gain back some time during your day.

Sound familiar?

Don’t waste time working in spreadsheets! Check out the FutuHR app. This app allows you to have everything you need in front of you at all times, eliminating notepads and paper and time spent in Excel on spreadsheets.

Some important features include:

  • Creates electronic employee records.
  • Tracks employee time, attendance, vacation and leave.
  • Allows employee/manager self service to ease your workload.
  • Records benefits and other employee deductions for your payroll.
  • Provides information and reports on people, projects and more to improve business efficiency.
  • Interfaces with major payroll companies including Quick Books.
  • Keeps your data permanent, secure and compliant.
  • Allows easy upload and storage of employee reviews, documents, photos and more.

Check out this free app to help free up time in your day.


1PasswordWith all of these apps and programs you use throughout the day, the most wasted time maybe be searching for passwords you need to log  into everything!

It’s a good idea to have different passwords for different logins to ensure your data security, however that can cause a lapse in memory.

1Password remembers all your passwords and other sensitive information so you don’t have to. Keep your digital life secure, always available, and safe behind the one password that only you know.

Staying On Track During Your Day

The busy HR professional has multiple things to track throughout the day. If you’re struggling to manage all of your tasks and would like an easier solution to get things done, check out some of these apps.

They may not all fit your needs, but if you’re able to save time during your day by using even just one of these apps, well that’s a success!

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