5 Organization Tips For Property Managers For 2016

5 Organization Tips For Property Managers For 2016 600 414 Balance Point Team

5 Organization Tips For Property Managers For 2016Messes = Stresses

And property managers seem to be prone to being a little less organized than they should be.

If you’re unorganized in your physical space, digital space,or business processes, then you are living a life far more stressful than you should be.

The worst part is that when you’re unorganized and feeling stressed, you feel like you’re so far in the hole that you’ll never get out, so you don’t even try.

Luckily for you, there are answers…

Simple tricks and easy tools to put in place to help get your work and life organized so you can start managing more properties in less time and live a more stress-free life.

The more organized you are, the better you can manage your properties.

And that means less issues at the properties to have to worry about, spend time and money fixing, and missing another dinner at home because you had to go check on something at a building.

Organize Your Property Management Business

Getting your business processes organized is the most direct way to start saving time and money for your property management business.

Yes, sometimes technology can appear overwhelming or out of reach because of how fast things are advancing in today’s world. But there are still people that can help you get the right tech in place so that your business is more streamlined and you don’t have to stress over figuring everything out yourself.

Leverage Easy-To-Use Tech To Manage Employees

Managing employee time and labor can be a serious hassle if you don’t have the right tools in place. With the right Time and Labor Management tool, you’ll have:

  • GPS punch in within a tenth of a mile of the job site through their smartphone
  • Mobile app for timesheet approval, TOA requests and approval
  • Better updates and management when approaching overtime
  • Custom dashboard that allows the admin to see all actionable items

Go Paperless

Going paperless will help you organize your business AND your office space in one shot.

Not only does digitizing your files mean less stuff floating around the office, getting lost, or hiding your keys, but it also means that everything is now searchable in a few keystrokes instead of digging through piles of folders you pull out of the filing cabinet.

Automate Basic Tasks

Have you ever heard of If This Then That (IFTTT)?

It’s an amazing (and free) website/app that “connects your favorite apps, so they work best for you.”

Want to save photos from a property to a private online folder you and your team can immediately access from anywhere?

There’s an IFTTT “recipe” for that.

Want to automatically create a Meeting Minutes document that’s pre-formatted 15 minutes before a meeting? There’s a recipe for that.

There are infinite possibilities for how you can automate simple tasks with IFTTT, and there are prebuilt recipes that you can browse through to help get you started.

Create Documented Processes

Why document your processes? Because without documented processes, “all of your business’s tasks, functions, processes, and procedures— the way that you and your staff habitually do everything— are nothing more than good intentions.” – E-Myth

Having a defined process will help you create repeatable success. It will help train new employees faster. It will help you delegate tasks with confidence that they’ll be done properly.

Documented processes will save you time, money, and stress in your business.

There are plenty of ways to do this a lot easier than you might think. There are different options available, like SweetProcess, that make it easy to organize and put together your processes and have them readily available for your team to learn from and reference back to.

Here’s an ebook that they offer to help you get started, How To Stop Being The Bottleneck In Your Growing Company And Get Your Employees To Help Systematize Your Business Operations.

Organize Your Office Space

You might think that having some clutter is just an eyesore and not affecting how you work, or that where you have your furniture arranged is a personal preference with no significance, but you’d actually be wrong.

According to Scientific Journal, “office design motivates employees and increases performance substantially.”

So get your office space organized for maximum productivity. Here are some tips from Neil Patel on Inc.com:

  1. Start with a purge
  2. Create a catch-it space
  3. Keep your desktop clear of clutter
  4. Place two document trays on your desk
  5. Create two zones
  6. Place physical objects into drawers or organizing trays
  7. Get a bigger trash can
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