5 Things That Needlessly Cost Your Nonprofit Time And Money

5 Things That Needlessly Cost Your Nonprofit Time And Money 1200 584 Balance Point Team

family_circusIf you are old enough to remember the Family Circus comic strip that appeared in the Sunday paper, then you may recall the ones that centered around eldest sibling, Billy.

Dotted lines were used to depict his daily routine, highlighting the many distractions he encountered during the day while running simple errands.

For those in charge of managing the workforce of a nonprofit, the concept is likely relatable. You may feel like Billy when accomplishing a simple task requires multiple, excessive steps. The impact of these “excessive steps” can build over time and be detrimental to your organization’s success and profitability.

We’ve identified 5 productivity zappers that needlessly cost your nonprofit time and money that can be alleviated with the use of human capital management (HCM) software.

Interviewing Unqualified Candidates

When a position requires a specific skill set or accreditation, how do you ensure the applicants you interview possess the right qualifications? If your usual plan of action is to email and call each one to screen them, there is a better way. With an applicant tracking system you can eliminate unsuitable candidates early in the selection process. By using “knockin” and “knockout” questions during the application process you can disqualify the not-quite-rights before they even reach your inbox.

Onboarding With Paper Forms

Does onboarding mean a barrage of paperwork for you and your new employee? With HCM software, an email can be sent to the employee with a simple link to access all new hire documents which can be signed off on electronically. As a result, your employees are better prepared for their first day and you can enjoy a clutter-free environment.

Keeping Up With Certifications, Licenses, And Trainings

Certifications, Licenses, And TrainingsMany nonprofits struggle with the process of keeping up with their employee’s necessary requirements. Hours can be wasted tracking down this information from various sources.

With HCM software you can effectively track all certification types, along with effective and expiration dates.

Workflows can be put in place to automatically send email reminders letting you know when they need to be reviewed and renewed.

Manually Tracking Time

Effective tracking of employee time is important to every organization. It’s necessary for processing payroll and ensuring compliance. It’s even more important for nonprofits who need to keep tabs on the time spent on various projects. If you tackle this process manually, not only is it time-consuming, it’s prone to errors. An integrated time and attendance platform allows you to easily track time and allocate hours to certain clients, jobs, or projects from which you can run reports.

Fielding Employee Questions

If you spend most of your day responding to questions from employees and tracking PTOs, the solution is HCM software with self-service features. Employees and managers can have 24/7 access to request, view, and approve time off, update personal information, view pay history, manage benefits enrollments, communicate with each other and more. Employees are empowered and there’s less burden on you. A win, win.

Feel less like Billy. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts and discover how your nonprofit can benefit from HCM software.

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