5 Things We Love About HR

5 Things We Love About HR 900 600 Balance Point Team

5 things we love about HRSome people complain about HR, but with Valentine’s Day approaching we wanted to share all of the reasons we LOVE HR and why you should too!

Unfortunately, HR is often viewed as a group of process-oriented, administrative gatekeepers that can make like harder for a company’s employees.

Yet, the truth is, HR is the strategic force that helps the company run smoother, grow bigger, and perform better.

The following are just a few reasons why HR is so great and what we love about these incredible professionals.

They Help Foster Great Company Culture

Any successful company will tell you their key to prosperity is a strong company culture. Everything from the company style and behaviors to outreach and communication are based on its culture. HR professionals know that the employees who make up the culture are the company’s most valuable resource.  Investing in them from the beginning can make a world of difference.

They Encourage Us To Never Stop Learning

If there’s one thing that HR professionals love to do, it’s encourage learning and development. They are constantly empowering their people with amazing programs and opportunities to develop and enhance skills that will positively affect the company. From cyber safety to professional workshops, they know that developing strategy translates into better operations.

They Know A Good Thing When They See It

Those who work in HR can spot talent a mile away. This is not something every professional has the ability to do, but somehow those in HR nail it every time. They have a clear understanding of the company goals, work culture, mission and what motivates employees. Once hired, they do all that they can to set up the best training programs, development paths, performance tracking systems and communication channels. They love their people and want to make sure everyone is taken care of.

They Have An Eye For The Future

Since they have a strong connection with company finances, the overall mission and goals, and what resources the company needs to best operate, HR professionals are able to foresee structural changes before they happen. They know when challenges may be on the horizon and are quick to address them. HR plays a strategic role in supporting top level leadership and providing the right data for decision-making.

They Plan The Best Parties

Above all else, HR can throw a mean holiday party! Because they are hyper-aware of things like sensitivity training and harassment issues, they are quick to include everyone. From potlucks to surprise birthday cakes in the breakroom, and even calling an early dismissal because of impending snow storms, HR knows how to have fun, and we love them for that!

There’s no doubt that HR is a critical part of a company giving them the competitive edge and strong foundation. While HR does manage the not-so-fun stuff like policies and programs, their main interest is your success and future as an active part of the company. So, befriend those who work in HR!

Discover what they are doing and why they do it. Together, the HR team can provide you with a world of knowledge. When you acknowledge all the work HR puts in, you’ll quickly see how they are actually leveraging your path at the company!

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