7 Mobile Apps For Restaurant Owners

7 Mobile Apps For Restaurant Owners 2000 2000 Balance Point Team

mobile apps for restaurant managersRestaurant owners have a full time job and then some. The hours of operation of restaurants are usually long into the night, and that’s not including the work that needs to be put in outside of hours of operation. Restaurant owners and managers are responsible for inventory, supplies, food, drink, and hospitality.

With little down time, there’s many things that needs a restaurant owners attention.

We’ve broken down 7 mobile apps for restaurant owners so you can have resources at the tip of your fingers.

Check some of these out to help ease some of your workflow and better serve your clients.


canvasThis app is for the restaurant manager/ data geek.

Use your smartphone or tablet to track your restaurant inventory or cleaning supplies; record weekly employee timesheets; batch QuickBooks invoices; and more.  

This is perfect for the person who’s regularly going to be involved with handling those responsibilities.  

Keep this easy access app on hand to help you save time logging onto the computer, and using multiple different softwares to get the information that you need.


barkeepFor a restaurant or bar owner this app will help you understand how your bar is performing. Use Barkeep to learn how much liquor you’re ordering, how much you should have used, and how much you actually used.

This will help you manage your product and budget, as well as better managing your bar staff on how they serve customers.


mixologyMixology is a great app for restaurant and bar managers. This app allows you to have an on hand cheat sheet for your bar staff. It’s human nature to not know EVERY drink in the book, and having something that’ll give the proper recipe for a requested drink will only help better serve your customers.

The app comes with a bartending guide which would come in handy when training new staff.  It goes over basics like glass descriptions, bartending tools and terminology, tips on how to stock the bar, and videos with bartending tips.

In addition, this is a great app to have on hand when managers have meetings with their bar staff. If you’re looking to enhance your drink menu and come up with new recipes, this app allows you to search for ingredients and pair what ingredients go together.

Mixology offers a huge list of 8000+ drink recipes, over 1000 ingredients.


nowaitThis is a good way for restaurant managers to help save dollars in the budget, and streamline the job of the hostess (if you have one). Nowait allows for diners to browse wait times and make reservations.

The hostess has the ability to easily manage waitlists and seating arrangements, as well as notify customers when their table is waiting by text message.

Replace the old methods of paper and pen and eliminate any confusion.

This easy to use app will please everyone!


7 shiftsRestaurant managers know the frustrations that come along with making schedules for the wait and bar staff. Someone is always unhappy with their shift. It can be an issue to try and find someone to cover shifts, and it can be hard to track a person’s availability.

Use 7Shifts to help ease the headache of making the “perfect” schedule.

This app allows for employees to see the schedule, add in their own availability, get coverage for shifts and shift switch approval. You’re able to send group texts and emails so ensure that everyone is getting the same message, which is improve internal communication.

7Shifts reports that managers spend 80% less time on scheduling logistics.

Managers are also able to forecast labor costs vs projected sales to stay on budget.

Food Safety

food safetyLooking to keep your kitchen up to date on food safety standards? It’s important to make sure your kitchen staff is well educated.

This app was designed to encompass the requirements of the ServSafe Food Safety Certification Exam, the American Food Safety Institute (AFSI) Food Manager Certification (FMC) exam, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) Certified Food Safety Professional examination.

This is a great way for kitchen staff to be current on trends and safety standards.

Filmic Pro

filmic-proTraining new employees can be frustrating and difficult. Use this app to create quality videos from your phone and edit to your liking. This will make the job of training a new employee easier and more consistent.

Keep Good Habits

Restaurant owners and managers have many things that need their attention. To help better manager your staff, better serve your customers, and continue to thrive in your industry, try using some of these apps.

Some of these applications will help cut down on time, budget, and overall confusion in the workplace.

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