7 Must Have Mobile Apps For Property Managers

7 Must Have Mobile Apps For Property Managers 2000 2000 Balance Point Team

Property managers have so many tasks to manage and execute throughout the duration of their day.

It becomes all too easy for an angry tenant to call and take up a half hour of your time, or someone to drop in asking for rental information. The phone continues to ring, paperwork piles up and before you know it your day is lost.

You may not think that property managers have access to cutting edge technology that’ll help cut down on time and help make their day easier, but that’s not the case.

Check out these 7 apps for property managers to help streamline your process and help cut down on the time.


appfolioAppfolio is as fancy as it gets when it comes to property management software. If you’re considering really streamlining your workflow, Appfolio has features such as online lease agreements, online tenant screenings, property ads, and mass communication.

This tool can be used on the go as well. They have an abundant of management tools such as; customization of emails to owners and tenants, text messaging, and intuitive search within the software.

You can take photos while conducting mobile inspections or while preparing a vacant property for marketing and then instantly attach them to the record in AppFolio. Travel with just your smartphone and leave your fancy camera at the office.

You can also enter notes into your mobile app and the best part is everything syncs immediately!

DIY Landlord

DIYlandlordDIY Landlord is an Apple app that allows property managers to keep track of rental properties from their iphone or ipad. You’re able to track rentals by unit, lease and tenant information. This will cut down on time by eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets.

All the information you need regarding a tenant will be accessible from your phone.

Not only can you track rental properties and tenants, but you’re also able to enter rent payments, expenses and create financial reports. The reports can easily be exported as a PDF and sent to tenants or landlords. The dashboard gives you a glimpse the month’s performance and helps managers stay on top of their rentals.

Property Buddy

property appProperty Buddy is a clean and beautifully designed property management application. It’s easy to look at and easy to navigate. Some of the features include:

  1. Expense reporting
  2. Property and tenant details such as rent payments, payments due, and contact details
  3. Easily generated reports that will send right to your email
  4. Easy to you use dashboard with a glimpse of property payments due and received, and income and expenses for the year
  5. Notifications so you don’t miss appointments or important dates

Having these features available from a quick glance at your phone can help save time during your day by cutting out opening and closing different browser windows and excel sheets.

Hello Sign

hellosignHello Sign can be beneficial if you’re meeting people in person a lot and are dealing with people making quick decisions. Sometimes people are eager to find a home and dealing with the amount of paperwork involved can sometimes be a drawback to the experience.

Hello sign allows you to scan, edit, sign, and send documents all from your phone. This can really come in handy if someone is ready to pounce on a property and doesn’t have to wait to make any steps forward.

Rescue Time

rescue timeIf you have a busy schedule and feel like you spend a lot of time and effort into your work, but don’t get much accomplished then you should check out Rescue Time. This application runs in the background on your computer and tracks what applications you use, and which websites you visit. At the end of each week you’ll get a detailed report based on your activity.

This can really help you get a better idea of where you spend your time online and can help you better manage your time.


lastpassA lot of time can be wasted going to different websites and trying to remember which password you used. LastPass is a web extension that allows you to securely keep all of your passwords in one place. You’re able to keep all websites in their own folder along with the login info.

When you get to a website, LastPass will remember which username and password you use for that site and will automatically log you in ( you can also change the settings so you still have to hit enter to log in, and it won’t automatically sign you in).

Apps Can Help Make Life Easier

If you’re day seems to get away from you more quickly than you’d like you should consider some of these apps. You may not think using your phone would be productive, but if you’re using the right software your day can easily get on the right track, stay organized, and keep you focused.

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