7 Time Management Tips For The Workplace

7 Time Management Tips For The Workplace 300 200 Balance Point Team

7 Time Management Tips For The WorkplaceIf you look back at the week you’ve had and say “where did the time go?” you may want to look through these time management tips for the workplace.

Everyone has a busy schedule, and your week can easily get jammed packed with work that falls onto your lap but you didn’t plan for.

Having time management skills will help professionals have a better work week. If you need help better developing these skills, check out the following time management tips.

Time Management Tips To Help Improve Productivity

Have A Routine

You may not realize how much your personal life impacts your work life at times. It’s important to have a good routine in the morning before you get started in the office.

If you wake up late and run out the door without breakfast or coffee, the first half hour of your work day will result in personal catch up and procrastination. You may not be able to get settled until you grab a quick bite to eat, or make a cup of coffee. All of this may sound minimal but it affects the way you start your day and has a great impact on the series of events to follow.

Organize Your Desk

Many people are easily distracted by what’s surrounding them. Having large piles of papers and messy files on your desk will only distract your thoughts from the other tasks you have to get to. Before you leave the office each day, make sure your desk is clean and ready to begin work the following day.

Try and put things in the same spot. In the heat of the moment you may be on a call and need a pen, grab for one, take a few notes, and toss it to the side. You’ll spend more time each day looking for tools if you don’t keep them in the same spot.

Plan Ahead

When you get to your office in the morning you shouldn’t have to look through paperwork, files, or emails to get an idea of what you should get started on.

Planning ahead will make your entire week more efficient. Have a checklist ready when you get to your desk so you can start working within 5 minutes of turning on your computer. Getting into “work mode” right away will keep you focused longer.

You should also plan to get interrupted. Let’s face it, nobody can go an entire day without being pulled away from your work. It’s going to happen, so why not be prepared. Allow yourself a certain amount of time per day to help others, deal with a “crisis”, take calls, etc.

Use Technology Wisely

Technology is a great part of today’s workforce. There are endless amount of tools available to companies to help keep things running smoothly. However, you’ll want to tame what technology you’re using throughout your day.

Stay off social media. It’s the social black hole that can keep you distracted for hours. Eliminating social media can easily help you save time and streamline your day.

Have designated times to check your email. Email isn’t instant messaging and shouldn’t be viewed as such. It’s easy to spend a good chunk of time going back and forth answering emails and before you know it, an hour has past and you haven’t accomplished anything.

Check your email at certain times throughout the day and respond to those that are urgent matters. Everything else can wait until whatever time you have designated to respond to emails. This is a very good habit to get into. Answering phones, returning messages, and sending emails all at the same time everyday (possibly after lunch) is a good way to communicate and still have time to get things done!

Consolidate Your Actions

Bouncing around from task to task takes up a lot more time than you may think. It’s best to try and consolidate what you’re doing. If you’re working on one specific task, try and finish everything related to that one task before moving on. This will help you get things done faster and allow you to move on to more work.

Take A Break

Believe it or not, you’ll be more productive if you take a few minutes away from your desk to clear your head. Make sure you go for a walk or eat lunch away from your desk to recharge yourself.

Leave Work At The Same Time

How you end your work day is just as important as how you start it. It’s a good idea to set limits. Have a time that you leave work everyday on a normal work day, and then have a “back up time” when you need to stay a little late, but don’t stay past “X” o’clock. Don’t let work take over your entire day because you’ll become overwhelmed and frustrated, which won’t help you in the long run.

How To Improve Productivity

Time management is a learned trait. Most of the time it’s easy to get distracted and not manage your time as well as you’re capable of. However, these tips will help point you in the right direction.

Implement some of these time management tips into your daily routine to help improve your productivity and better manage your work week.

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