8 Ways HR Can Use Artificial Intelligence

8 Ways HR Can Use Artificial Intelligence 2560 1437 Balance Point Team

Artificial Intelligence in Human ResourcesWith the rise of Artificial Intelligence use cases in business and our personal lives, it’s only a matter of time before you are seeing AI more integrated with your own Human Resources operations.

But don’t worry, AI isn’t coming to take anyone’s jobs. Like any technology, if used wisely, it will help amplify great players.

Yes, there is a learning curve, but unlike previous generations of technology, AI is something that should work seamlessly in the background to help improve your organization, not necessarily something that is a hands-on tool that your employees will have to learn how to use.

Where are you likely to start seeing opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources?

Streamline Your Hiring Process

One way that HR can tap into Artificial Intelligence is to filter applicants with something as simple as sorting based on criteria of a form submission or as advanced as using predictive analytics from video interviews to determine potential job performance.

Another AI benefit for Human Resources would be to tap into an algorithm-based screening phase to automatically move applicants forward (or not) in the hiring process to create the best unbiased talent pool based strictly on talent.

One of the most common and prominent benefits of using technology in HR is to eliminate mundane and administrative tasks that take employees away from more strategic work. These are activities such as coordinating available time off in the schedule, filtering and organizing employee data and reports, or migrating data from one vendor’s system to another.

Protect Your Company And Employees From False Accusations

Pay Equity is the perfect example of using HR software systems to easily demonstrate how and why employees were recruited, reviewed, and compensated.

“Technology can be particularly helpful to monitor employee compensation for discrepancies based on protected categories.”

The amount of time, money, and headaches this can save a company by avoiding any unnecessary litigation is priceless.

Wrongful termination is another area that can be covered if you’re using an HCM and properly documenting performance reviews and employee behavior. That’s easy to see how technology is helpful, but it gets even more advanced…

With Time and Attendance tracking software tied together with computer monitoring software, it’s easy to show a lack of effort or low productivity rather than getting into a legal battle of “he said, she said.”

And how about catching issues early on before they become unmanageable or even catastrophic? If you have an AI system in place to monitor digital behavior, then it’s possible for you to get an alert regarding any suspicious employee activity right away. Now you can launch an investigation quickly, with data to be objective in any conversations and confrontations. The more emotion that can be removed from those scenarios, the better.

Improve Employee Performance And Retention

HR can also use algorithms to track performance reviews and other employee monitoring data like Time and Attendance and efficiency, and even sentiment from live phone conversations, to find opportunities for improvement and recommend appropriate training for customer support or sales representatives.

It can also identify when an employee is becoming disengaged and bring it to the attention of a manager so they can help improve the situation or help the employee move on if they’re no longer a fit for their current role.

Recap: The 8 Ways HR Can Use Artificial Intelligence

  1. Streamline Your Hiring Process
    1. Algorithm-Based Screening To Automatically Segment, Advance (Or Decline) Applicants
    2. Predictive Analytics To Determine Performance Potential
    3. Automate Admin Tasks Such As: Coordinating Available Time Off In The Schedule, Filtering And Organizing Employee Data And Reports, Or Migrating Data From One Vendor’s System To Another
  2. Protect Your Company And Employees From False Accusations
    1. Monitor Employee Compensation For Discrepancies Based On Protected Categories.
    2. Documenting Performance Reviews And Employee Behavior And Productivity
    3. Quickly Identify Suspicious Employee Activity And Launch Accurate And Unbiased Investigations Based On Data
  3. Improve Performance And Retention
    1. Find Opportunities For Improvement And Recommend Appropriate Training For Customer Support Or Sales Representatives
    2. Identify Disengaged Employees

Is Your HR Strategy Ready To Scale?

Without proper strategy first, technology will only speed up and amplify your flaws. Make sure that you have a solid foundation to build your execution work on. Find out how your current HR strategy stacks up and how to make sure you are ready to grow with a free HR strategy consultation. Click here to get yours now >>

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