9 Productivity Tips For Busy HR Professionals

9 Productivity Tips For Busy HR Professionals 300 300 Balance Point Team

Productivity tips for HR professionalsAs a busy professional, your day is probably overbooked and flooded with tasks and responsibilities and you may feel overwhelmed.

With the hectic demands of today’s work schedule, it’s easy to feel like you’re losing control. If you think you need some help getting into a more efficient workflow, check out these productivity tips for HR professionals.

Productivity Tips For Busy HR Professionals

Organize Your Office Space

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should take some time in the beginning of your day to organize your workspace. It’s a good way to make sure you’re starting your day fresh.

If you’re the type of person who hits the snooze an extra time or two, you might want to take those extra few minutes before the end of your day to clean up your workspace and put out what you need for the following day.

Start Your Day Earlier

If you always find yourself running out of the door, or just barely making the train to work, you might want to consider starting your day a little earlier. Easing into your day will help you mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Taking care of yourself will also help you have a more productive day. Eat breakfast, exercise before work, and get enough rest.

Add Color To Your Workspace

If you feel as though your workspace is organized, you may want to try and add in some color where you can. Color can have a major impact on a person’s mood.

Try decorating with colors like browns, reds, and yellows to create a warm and creative work space. Use colors like blues, greens, and purples to create a calm and cool atmosphere.

Prioritize Your Work

Of course all of the work on your desk needs to be completed, however you won’t be able to get everything done if you’re jumping around from task to task. It’s a good idea to set a schedule so you’re prepared for your day.

Get all of the quick and easy tasks out of the way first. If you get held up in meetings, procrastinate, or spend too much time on one particular item, you’ll be scrambling at the end of the day to get a bunch of little tasks done. Get all of the tasks that won’t take too much time done early, so you can free up the rest of your day to tackle things that may need more attention.

Track Your Time

You may not realize how many times you’re getting interrupted throughout the day. If you find yourself always having to restart the same task over and over, it’s a good idea to track your time. Make yourself accountable for how long you spend on certain tasks, and learn where your distractions are coming from. Once you’re aware, it’ll be easier for you to eliminate them. 

Minimize Interruptions

Once you realize what’s interrupting your day, do your best to limit the distractions. You may start to notice a certain time of day that people are knocking at your door more than others. Try setting aside a dedicated time slot to address certain tasks and responsibilities. This will help increase your work productivity.

If necessary, block off a dedicated time of the day to deal with unexpected things that come up, or deal with employees who need your time.

Go For A Walk

Being at your desk for too long isn’t always a good thing. It’s important to get up from time to time, get some fresh air, go for a walk, and actually eat lunch. All of these things will give your mind a break, and you’ll feel refreshed and refocused when you return.

Use Technology To Stay More Productive

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for employees to be out of the office rather than tied down at their desk all day. If this scenario describes your current situation, you may want to consider using technology to help increase your productivity.

If you’re a busy HR professional on the go, there are plenty of apps to help you set reminders, take notes, and even scan documents.

Check out some of the best iphones apps of 2016 to help achieve some of your goals.

Stop Checking Your Email

Well, don’t stop checking your email entirely, just set up specific times throughout your day to specifically read and catch up on emails. Your inbox is always going to have something in it. If you’re constantly checking your email and responding to messages then you surely won’t stay focused on what you’re working on.

Increasing Productivity

Everyone is busy these days, and getting into a good routine can be difficult when you’re busy worrying about the work you have set out for you each day. However, getting into a productive workflow that works for you, will in turn work for everyone.

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