Our Culture

From Our People to Our Culture, We’re Different.

Back in 2003, Balance Point’s offices may have been cramped, but our four partners’ ambitions were expansive. Over the years our client-base, team, and office space grew, yet they never lost sight of that initial vision: create a company that puts the needs of clients and employees first.

Today, Balance Point is a dynamic, forward-thinking company filled with energetic employees who are challenged, valued, and fun to be around. We work hard to find the best, most experienced people in the industry to join our team—then we treat them well so they stay.

What It’s Like to be on Our Team

To answer the question “What is it like to work at Balance Point?” we turned to those who know us best—our employees. We commissioned a survey and feel a summary of the results best communicates our company culture.

We have a lot to feel good about.

Being part of a great team, pleasing clients, and working with great managers ranked numbers 1, 2, and 3 on what we find to be the most satisfying part of our jobs.

Having happy clients and being surrounded by great people make for a great day at the office. Bagels in the kitchen help too!

We’re not called Balance Point for nothing! Nearly 87% of the team rated work-life balance a number 7 or higher on a scale of 1 – 10.

We’re in it for the long haul.

96% of us see ourselves working here five years from now.

A comfortable work environment, flexibility, great co-workers, and helpful supervisors are the factors that cause us to enjoy our current position and workplace situation.

What sets us apart, makes us thrive.

When asked what three words define our culture, fun was overwhelmingly cited the most. Friendly, hard-working, and fast-paced also prevailed. Commitment to clients and employees, and great leadership topped our list of things we admire that should never change.

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