Are Job Descriptions Necessary?

Are Job Descriptions Necessary? 2560 2560 Balance Point Team

BPHR’s Director Lisa Salcido, SPHR, SHRM-SCP provides answers to your pressing HR questions.

Question: Are job descriptions necessary?

Answer: Yes! Job descriptions serve as more than just a list of duties for a position. They are key documents for recruiting candidates, managing workers, and helping employees to understand their role.

Clarifies Employees’ Roles

Each employee should have a detailed job description outlining the requirements of their job and the tasks you expect them to perform. Use precise language and action verbs to describe expectations of each position clearly and accurately. To create a job description that reflects the actual work done, conduct a job analysis. Analyzing a position involves the examination and documentation of the job functions by questionnaire, interview, or direct observation. Then establish a regular practice of updating job descriptions and reviewing with employees at least annually. Keep dated records of signed job descriptions.  

Helps with Managing Employees

Job descriptions are also a useful tool for managers. A clear description of what the employee is expected to accomplish in their position will help managers measure quality of work and address performance. If an employee requests an accommodation, job descriptions are critical to identify essential job duties to determine if the accommodation is reasonable.

Simplifies the Recruiting Process

Job descriptions can be used in the recruiting process to highlight the skills or training necessary for a position. But job descriptions are not the same as job advertisements. An effective job ad will attract applicants by selling your company and position with catchy language. Use your job descriptions to write accurate job postings to identify the best candidates. 

Well written job descriptions align with company objectives and employee goals, eliminate confusion, and create accountability.  

Take a More Balanced Approach to HR

Job descriptions are only one of the many responsibilities BPHR can assist you with. Our HR Generalists can advise on best practices related to all stages of the employee lifecycle. Schedule your free phone consultation today to learn how your organization can benefit from our services. 

DISCLAIMER: The material presented on this page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion. 

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