Case Study: A Single Solution Reaps Multiple Benefits

Case Study: A Single Solution Reaps Multiple Benefits 800 533 Balance Point Team

The Challenges

Parker McCay, a New Jersey-based law firm with four locations and more than 150 employees, was looking to streamline many of their workforce management processes. Onboarding and benefits administration were handled manually, wasting time and paper.

Their previous provider offered an automated benefits administration solution, but the total HRIS spend would have dramatically increased, making it cost-prohibitive.

Other limitations with their old system did not reflect favorably on their employer brand or the Firm’s commitment to technology. Applicant tracking, while functional, was difficult to administer and ended at the offer stage.

The experience was not user-friendly for the applicant, nor was it mobile-optimized. Additionally, employee self-service required a separate login and was limited to retrieving pay stubs.

The Solution

Balance Point’s HCM solution checked off all the boxes on their wish list and fell within their budget. The applicant tracking system now helps them move candidates quickly through the funnel.

Once hired, each employee now flows right into onboarding and then onto benefits administration, the beauty of a system with a single login, single database, and single file for each employee. The intuitive technology eases the administrative burden and makes a great first impression on the employee. Enhanced self-service and mobile features were the icing on the cake!

When it came to implementation, the “outstanding and hardworking” support team got the job done as promised and on time. The Balance Point team was upfront when it came to managing expectations and worked with the Parker McCay team to ensure all deadlines were met and that the conversion was a success.

The process exceeded the expectations of Parker McCay’s Human Resources Director, Jon M., who admittedly holds high standards. “It’s great to be able to say that HR is part of something bigger moving forward, with regard to technology at the Firm, and the conversion to Balance Point makes that possible.”

The Benefits

  • Consolidation of vendors from four to one
  • A fully automated and streamlined hiring and onboarding process
  • A reduction in the time spent from hire to productivity
  • Elimination of paperwork and redundancies
  • Empowered employees and administrators
  • An enriched employee experience and stronger employer brand

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