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Employee Engagement ActivitiesAt the end of each calendar year there are back to back holidays. Work gets busy but so do your employees. Some might be traveling, using vacation time, staying late to meet deadlines.

During the winter months weather might play a part in an employee’s commute. Working from home might be an option but it does take away from in-person communication.

As summer approaches, employees might be planning to take a little time off, focusing on things both in and out of work.

It seems there’s never a time where your employees aren’t distracted and as a manager it’s hard to keep your team productive.

Implementing some tried-and-true engagement practices can help drive your company to success.

But first, what does an engaged employee actually look like?

What Is An Engaged Employee?

An engaged employee shows commitment to their employer. They are connected to their company’s mission, goals, and are motivated by their own personal growth.

Engaged employees are focused on delivering their metrics and aren’t just showing up for a paycheck.

When a company possesses a motivated and passionate workforce, sales improve and retention remains high. There is a positive effect when your employees feel empowered by their work.

Are you looking to ignite that spark within your employees? Here are some employee engagement practices to help employees feel connected and committed.

Practices to Spark  Employee Engagement

Create An Incentive Program

Practices to Spark Employee EngagementHaving employees work more closely together and communicate can be challenging. Try using an incentive program to encourage collaboration.

While working on a project, having a points system in place could help the process run smoothly in its entirety. Employees could receive points for reasons like updating a project status, asking team members for help, sharing ideas, and giving feedback.

This also gives managers insight as to how a project progresses from start to finish. Understanding where the team struggles and where they succeed will help streamline the process for better results.

Employees who acquire points can redeem them for prizes of your choice. Some ideas include gift cards, lunches, or bonus PTO!

Create A Suggestion Box

Having a virtual suggestion box gives employees the opportunity to take the initiative to speak their minds and share their ideas to contribute to the company.

The alternative? An employee survey.

Employee surveys are often created to gather information from employees to help direct  engagement efforts, but they can also be used to improve management. How reliable are the results? If you need  help reinforcing your employee surveys for better response, check out these tips.

Create Company Goals

Employees want to feel as though they are making a difference within the company. Creating company-wide goals and assigning them to employees can help keep them connected and motivated.

Creating goals for individuals, groups, or even departments can also be a fun way to get the work done. Employees and managers can see what’s being worked on and the progress made toward each goal. Incentives can also be given for those who reach their goal within a reasonable time frame.

Positive Employee Engagement Is Attainable

Taking an overall deep dive into how your employees are engaging with your company can help give insight as to what steps you need to take next.

Luckily, there is technology on your side to help implement an employee engagement strategy that’ll set you up for success.

With the variety of solutions available on the market today, there is something suitable for every business and every budget. The rewards will far outweigh the investment.

Learn The Secrets to Achieving a Deeply Connected Workforce

Employee engagement is critical to an organization’s success. Download our free guide to help build a a passionate and highly motivated workforce. Get your copy here.
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