Employee Spotlight: Rachel Rosiak

Employee Spotlight: Rachel Rosiak 1536 2048 Balance Point Team

Get to Know Rachel!

An HR enthusiast who likes to knit AND develop close-knit relationships with our clients

What is your role at Balance Point? I am one of the Human Resources Generalists for Balance Point’s Human Resources consulting service, BPHR.

How long have you worked at Balance Point? I have worked at Balance Point for over two years now!

What support do you provide for our clients? My responsibilities include assisting clients with leave administration, writing job descriptions, developing performance reviews, assisting with employee relations, and managing the onboarding process within our HCM platform. We provide support for a variety of HR situations that may arise for clients.

What made you go into Human Resources? I originally went to school for Marketing. My college encouraged business majors to try a variety of different courses, so I took a one on HR Management and realized how important HR is for business. Not only does it help maintain legal compliance for an organization, it also helps employees in their professional and personal lives. I quickly switched my major and was hooked on HR ever since!

What traits do you possess that make you successful at your job? The ability to multi-task. At one time, I may be working on several projects – ranging from developing an employee handbook all the way up to conducting an employee investigation. Being able to multi-task allows me to successfully work on several projects at a time for multiple clients.

What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of the job is helping my clients successfully navigate through really difficult situations that may arise. This is a challenging time for employers, especially with new employment laws. I think I help bring clients some peace of mind.

When you are not working, where can we find you? In the summer, I am usually out and about in downtown Rutherford or on a camping trip! In the winter, I am a bit more of a homebody. You’ll likely find me knitting and watching Hallmark movies.

What would you want our clients to know about you? I really love working with my clients! Being able to build great relationships with my clients is just one of the many reasons I love what I do!

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