Employee Spotlight: Tom Miceli

Employee Spotlight: Tom Miceli 1236 1241 Balance Point Team

Get to Know Tom!

Find out what makes Tom a coach both in the office and out.

Tell us about your role at Balance Point?

As Lead Support Supervisor I oversee a group of six Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) as well as head a group of three Team Leads that are training to become Supervisors.

You’re a long-time employee of Balance Point. How has your career progressed over the years?

I started out as a CSR in 2006, then moved over to a team that specializes in time and attendance. About 6 years ago I became a CSR Supervisor and was promoted to my current position about a year ago.

Having experience in these roles allows me to understand all aspects of the company from our HCM software to onboarding new clients. I am able to apply this knowledge to help solve clients’ needs as well as provide guidance to our CSRs.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is helping the CSRs assist our clients as well as developing them so they can grow and move up in the company like I did. 

What traits do you possess that make you successful at your job?

One of my strongest traits is adaptability. This is especially helpful when it comes to interpreting all the recent changes in tax law and conveying to our clients how it affects them.

I think my patience also helps. When I am trying to explain something to a client or CSR, they know I will take as much time as they need until they fully understand it. I believe this makes them feel comfortable to ask questions if they need further clarification.   

How do you keep your team motivated?

Balance Point believes in rewarding a job well done. At the end of every month, we give employees who have the top 5 satisfaction scores a gift card to acknowledge their hard work. I also make sure to praise my CSRs on our internal message board whenever they go above and beyond their job duties or receive good feedback from a client.

When you’re not working, where can we find you?

I really enjoy working out and helping others stay fit, so I provide personal training after work hours. On the weekends you can find me coaching my kids’ soccer and football teams. 

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