Brokers: Help Clients Boost Employee Engagement

Brokers: Help Clients Boost Employee Engagement 2560 1706 Balance Point Team


Poor Communication



Missed Deadlines

Lack of Participation

All these and more are indicators of a disengaged workforce. Employee engagement has long been a hot topic in human resources. Studies support the notion that organizations with high levels of employee engagement have a competitive edge when it comes to talent management, which continues to be one of the greatest challenges CEOs are faced with.

The Benefits of a Highly Engaged Workforce

High engagement is associated with a desirable company culture which helps with recruitment. Supported and nurtured employees feel deeply connected to the organization and thrive within it, boosting retention.

In fact, companies with high levels of engagement have turnover rates that are 40% lower than companies who struggle with engagement.

High engagement is also associated with higher productivity, directly affecting the organization’s bottom line.

Teams with high engagement rates are 21% more productive than those with low engagement. And, see a 26% annual increase in revenue.

The Role of the Broker

As a trusted advisor, your clients look to you for advice in many areas of business. Having the ability to address their challenges keeps you relevant, helps strengthen your relationships, and ultimately gives you a competitive edge.

There’s no denying the significant role benefits plays in job satisfaction. It’s a major reason why candidates are drawn to an organization. It’s what makes employees stay at their job and what drives them to look for another.

Consider these statistics:

86% of employees say that benefits play a significant role in the decision to stay with their employer

50% of adults would leave their current job for better benefits

80% of workers would keep a job with benefits rather than take one that offered more pay and no benefits

80% of employees who said they have a good variety of benefits to choose from also said they identified strongly with their organization’s vision and values, as opposed to 40% of those who don’t.

Organizations that invest in competitive benefits packages demonstrate a commitment to their workforce. In turn, their employees feel valued and form a deep connection to the organization and its mission. Brokers are in a unique situation where they can provide employers with a valuable tool that drives engagement.

When a broker can help a client successfully implement an employee benefits strategy that results in happier and more engaged employees, they are viewed as an indispensable business partner.

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