Preparing For Today’s HR Innovations

Preparing For Today’s HR Innovations 500 354 Balance Point Team

One of the biggest complaints that people have at work is getting bogged down by the “stuff” that keeps them busy but takes away their ability to place the proper time and attention on the bigger picture. The workload is spreading everyone too thin and it’s a struggle just to keep up.

Another big fear that people have is that technology advancements could lead to them losing their job altogether.

However, technology isn’t the enemy here, but rather the solution. As long as you learn to use it as a tool for amplifying your abilities.

People & Tech

With smart companies shifting to more people focused HR, the big hurdle is getting the time away from “the sand.” Then your team can actually be present to create and cultivate paths to greater success for the organization.

Artificial Intelligence and automation can help you free up time for both managers and employees to spend together growing the company rather than pushing pixels.

The Learning Curve Might Be Less Than You Think

The first hurdle that businesses have when it comes to implementing new technology is that the employees don’t want to learn anything new, it will be a major headache, etc. etc.

However, that initial setup and learning curve will play two major roles on the success of your organization’s future.

And the learning curve is not something to be so worried about, because your employees have mostly started this on their own already.

Sharpening Your Axe And Planning For The Future

Learning and setting up your tech to enhance your successful strategies is like sharpening your axe.

A little more time spent up front will save you infinite time and energy on an ongoing basis.

You might spend two weeks getting your team set up with new systems, but that new system is going to save them an hour or two per day for the rest of their career. Don’t you think that’s a worthwhile investment?

Not to mention, technology is only going to keep advancing and at a faster rate. The longer you wait to get in the game, the harder it will be to play catch up.

Adapting to whatever comes in five years will be a lot easier if you’ve already started with what’s available today. Even if your first foray into integrating new technology is painful, most growth is, it will make you stronger and more comfortable to change as the business world continues to evolve and innovate.

The Future Is Already In Your Office, Just Not In Your Business

The knee jerk reaction to “new” software is that it’s going to be a hassle to get employee buy-in and training.

While it might be “changing the way people work,” it’s actually just shifting the way people work to match how they live.

Pretty much everyone uses Siri and Alexa, Uber, Amazon, Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and chat messages in their personal life.

So the learning curve is actually lower and we’re making work life easier to adapt to since you’re already doing it in your personal life. It’s the perspective of “new” that might seem daunting, but if your perspective is “we’re now working like we live” it’s actually easy.

Technology has become so integrated with our society that people are able to pick things up more quickly than just a few years ago, and are more used to using technology to get things done and interact with the world outside of work.

Why not leverage similar technology to make working as easy as looking up an easy recipe for homemade pizza? Your employees are already used to working that way.

Here are some areas where you can use HR technology to help improve your company’s efficiency.


How you communicate with your employees, and future employees, is low hanging fruit for technology. Especially since everyone is texting, emailing, and FaceTiming on their own time.

You can take advantage of chatbots and video call systems for streamlining recruiting, enhancing training efforts, and providing employee support.


With most work done digitally today, the tracking and collection of data happens seamlessly, even if your employees work remotely or travel to different job sites.

But information alone is not helpful so the idea is not just gathering data, but also sorting it and providing the key insights that are buried in that information.

The manual work that goes into reading, organizing, and translating the information only make the process time consuming, inefficient, and prone to human error.

This is another area for technology to make a process more efficient and actually have a greater impact. Use technology to automate the sorting and insights from your data so that you can have an easy to read dashboard instead of straining your eyes through rows and rows of text in an Excel sheet.


With laws changing almost as quickly as technology, protecting your company is a top priority.

Take the new pay equity law in New Jersey for example. If you weren’t using a proper HR system to recruit, manage, pay, and track the entire employee life cycle, then you are much more exposed to a lawsuit. However, if you have the right tools in place, then you can easily click a button to generate a report showing everything you need to quickly avoid any serious accusations.


The human resources profession is ripe for enhancement through technology. Ignoring that fact will be detrimental to your organization and your career. But it’s nothing to be afraid of and will be well worth getting acclimated to so that you can work more efficiently and have more impact.

Just remember that success is not “using technology.” Success is using technology to execute on your business strategy. Don’t just hop around with shiny object syndrome, make sure that you have a foundational strategy first, and that technology helps you achieve your objectives.

Is Your HR Strategy Ready To Scale?

Without proper strategy first, technology will only speed up and amplify your flaws. Make sure that you have a solid foundation to build your execution work on. Find out how your current HR strategy stacks up and how to make sure you are ready to grow with a free HR strategy consultation. Click here to get yours now >>

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