How One Nonprofit Improved Their Ability to Track Employee Time

How One Nonprofit Improved Their Ability to Track Employee Time 350 233 Balance Point Team

time tracking for your nonprofitRenato is the Program Director for a New Jersey-based charter school. His primary responsibility is to manage the day-to-day operations of their afterschool program, ensuring guidelines are met and that the program meets all contract requirements.

Lack of staffing and resources means Renato has his hands full. Among his many and diverse responsibilities is payroll.

Processing payroll used to run smoothly, but recently Renato had encountered some concerns that needed to be addressed. Aside from an uptick in administrative errors, the recent enactment of the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave law has forced his organization to take a closer look at how they track employee time and attendance.

With costly penalties on the line, the decision was made to move away from manual time tracking and invest in an automated solution that could save them money in the long run. Renato was part of the team tasked with finding that solution.

The organization’s accountant referred Renato to a human capital management (HCM) provider with software that handles payroll, HR, and time & attendance all in one integrated system. Aside from tracking time, the software also provides highly configurable reporting, self-service features, and a payroll processing preview that was very appealing to Renato.

Here we break down the challenges that Renato faced tracking time and why the decision to switch to the new platform was an easy one.

Challenge: Clerical errors were common.

Solution: Renato’s organization was using Excel spreadsheets to track hours worked, which relied heavily on manual input. This method left too many opportunities for mistakes. Something as simple as a misplaced decimal mark could have a huge impact. The new solution provides a full payroll preview, alerting Renato to potential errors prior to processing.

Challenge: Tracking time and processing payroll was time-consuming.

Solution: Tracking time and calculating employees’ pay took a toll on Renato who found himself having to chase down employees to submit their timesheets in the first place. With the new software all this information is collected, managed, and processed in one system, dramatically cutting down on the time it used to take Renato to accomplish the same tasks. It even helped Renato monitor breaks, overtime, comp time, along with other policies that are unique to his organization.

Challenge: Time theft was an unfortunate reality.

Solution: Whether intentional or not, some employees were inaccurately reporting the time they had worked. In most cases by rounding up their work hours. While a few minutes here and there might sound insignificant, it was really adding up. The new system automates the process. Some employees clock in and out on their mobile devices while others use their fingerprint, thanks to the system’s biometric technology. This not only eliminated the exaggeration of time, but the practice of buddy punching too.

Challenge: Compliance was a concern.

Solution: Beginning October 29, 2018 all New Jersey employers, including nonprofits, are required to provide one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours an employee works, up to 40 hours of paid sick leave in any given year. Tracking employees’ attendance was challenging before the new system. Now Renato can easily view each employees’ eligibility for time off and, in the event of an audit, Renato can easily run reports to substantiate adherence to the law.

It also quelled concerns surrounding the ACA. Tools can determine whether the organization is an applicable large employer for ACA calculations and ensure part time employees are remaining under the appropriate threshold.

Challenge: Scheduling was a nightmare.

Solution: Renato is responsible for ensuring adequate coverage at the school at all times. With the new system, Renato can easily build and view schedules, monitor attendance, and eligibility for paid time off. Renato can set alerts to notify him when an employee is punching in late, leaving early, or approaching overtime so he can address these issues before they become a problem.

With the new solution in place, Renato has more time to dedicate to furthering the important mission of his organization.

Could your organization benefit from these features? Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to see if Balance Point’s HCM solution is right for you.

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