How to Choose Time and Attendance Software

How to Choose Time and Attendance Software 640 456 Balance Point Team

When it comes to workplace efficiency, one crucial component can be time and attendance software. There are many statistics to support the negative impact improper time tracking can have on an organization’s profitability and morale.

Perhaps the most impressive is this: A company with 100 employees who pays them the average U.S. annual salary will lose $23,530 a year in payroll mistakes. 

There are various elements you should be looking for in time and attendance software. As an HR manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that both the company and employees are protected from incorrect reporting.

Since the right system can make a difference for your organization, here are some items that you should consider.

Ease of Use

Gone are the days of clocking in and out on a specialized machine with timecards. While you can certainly still use this viable solution, it does present multiple problems. The most prevalent issue is – what happens when a worker isn’t by the machine? 

To alleviate this burden, you should choose a solution that enables workers to clock in and out via a mobile app. This way, employees out in the field can manage their time accurately. Overall, having multiple access points can be extremely helpful.

Customizable Software: Presets and Alerts

While it’s impossible to monitor all of your employees at all times, you can utilize a time and attendance program that helps you track hours so you can anticipate problems before they arise. 

The best way to prevent issues like accidental overtime, missed breaks and lunches, or other reporting errors is to have customizable software. This way, you can program everything based on your company’s needs. Those needs could include alerts or reminders for employees to clock in and out at the right time.

User-Friendly Layout For Easy Implementation

The easier it is for employees to figure out how to use time and attendance software, the more likely that they will adhere to the rules. Not only that, but you want to make sure that it’s simple for those on the back end as well.

Reporting and monitoring should be easily accessible for managers and HR reps. If there are any errors or potential mistakes like unapproved overtime, the company can detect them and remedy the situation as soon as possible. 

Tracking and analytics should be integrated into the software, you should be able to sync your time and attendance system to other programs such as scheduling or payroll, so that everything works seamlessly. 

The Right Solution Can Make a Substantial Difference

Ideally, your time and attendance software will empower employees to keep track of their hours better, which will create a more positive workplace.

What’s Best For Your Business?

If you need help determining what is best for your organization, download our Guide for Choosing a Payroll and Time & Attendance Solution.

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