How to Find Top Talent After Traditional Business Hours

How to Find Top Talent After Traditional Business Hours 600 400 Balance Point Team

Recruiting top talent is essential to the success of a business. However, it comes with some challenges. One of the biggest hurdles a hiring manager faces is accommodating the needs of potential hirees. Many job seekers cannot meet during regular business hours.

They either cannot take time off from their current job or do not want to risk tipping off a current employer that they are job hunting.

If you are serious about finding the best recruit to fill an open position, it is crucial to accommodate applicants. Here are some ways you can recruit top talent outside of business hours.

Request a Phone or Skype Interview First

Help your potential new hires out by requesting a phone or Skype interview with you before you schedule a sit-down meeting. Having this type of pre-interview meeting is beneficial to both you and your candidates, as you can each learn a lot about each other.

Having a pre-interview allows both sides of the interview process to determine if they want to move forward with the next steps. This kind of first step can be a relief for all involved.

Here are some great benefits you and your candidates can get from having a phone or Skype interview first: 

  • It’s easier to schedule a pre-interview of this nature during non-traditional business hours.
  • Both you and the candidate will be better able to determine if there is a good fit for a working relationship.
  • The candidates will feel less stressed because there will be no need to worry about how to fit in the interview during regular working hours.
  • The pre-interview process lets each party engage in a deeper analysis of the other party.

Send Pre-Interview Questions via Email

If taking time out of your day to schedule Skype sessions or phone calls for pre-interviews is not feasible, then consider emailing pre-interview questions to your best candidates.

Sending this type of email to your candidates frees up your time and gives them the opportunity to thoroughly consider the questions and reply with a thoughtful and complete response.

The pre-interview email screening will allow you to ask crucial questions before a formal interview. The answers your candidates give will help you determine if you want to pursue them further without the candidate needing to give up time he or she cannot spare. 

Schedule Interviews Outside of Regular Business Hours

If you are serious about finding the best candidate to fill a position, then you need to be flexible and willing to meet interviewees on their time frame. 

If it is better for a candidate to meet after work, then schedule the interview for a time that is outside regular working hours. You can even suggest having the interview over dinner or breakfast if it is feasible for both of you.

Although scheduling interviews for unconventional times may be immediately inconvenient, going that extra mile can pay off in spades if it gets the right person in the job. Further, being willing to meet at odd times to get a job shows dedication and commitment on a candidate’s side, which ultimately works in your favor if you make the hire.

Choosing the right candidate to fill an open position is one of the most important decisions you can make as a business owner or hiring manager. The best way you can ensure making the right decision is to accommodate top prospects’ requests to meet outside traditional work hours. 

This gesture will let your candidates know that you are an employer who is willing to go the extra mile for your employees, and the right candidate will treat you in kind after he or she is hired.

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