How to Make the Most of Remote Work

How to Make the Most of Remote Work 553 2560 Balance Point Team

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, remote work has gone mainstream in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. According to a recent survey, about 50% of those employed before the pandemic are now working from home, a significant increase from 15% in the days before COVID-19.

There’s no denying that working from home has its appeal. According to the State of Remote Work 2020 Report, of the 3,500 remote workers surveyed, the following benefits topped their list:

  • Ability to have a flexible schedule 32%
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere 26%
  • Not having to commute 21%
  • Ability to spend time with family 11%

But it’s more than meetings in pajamas and break time family walks, employees are facing significant challenges, specifically:

  • Loss of collaboration and communication 20%
  • Loneliness 20%
  • Not being able to unplug 18%
  • Distractions at home 12%

Making the Most of Working Remotely

Employees and employers have had to find creative ways to remain engaged and productive. We know this first-hand. The Balance Point team began working remotely when New Jersey’s stay-at-home orders went into effect mid-March.

While the right technology played an important role in our ability to adapt, it was ultimately the resilient nature of our team that made it a success. Here are just of few of our coping techniques:

Susan, our Marketing Manager, was missing her regular brainstorm sessions with the sales team until she tapped into our employee engagement platform. “I created a group specifically for our team. It helps us connect and collaborate, and maintain a relationship until we can work together in person again.”

Our Training Supervisor, Merideth, found it difficult to disconnect until she made this change to her schedule: “I moved my daily workout to my lunch break. This forces me to disconnect for an hour so I don’t end up working through my lunch.”

Implementation Coordinator Tara struggled with motivation and staying on task. Here’s what works for her: “I make a list of tasks at the end of the day for the next day. This helps me stay focused and makes me feel like I accomplished something when I can cross it off.”

Like many parents, Mary, HCM Sales Consultant needs to juggle the demands of work and kids. She takes a structured approach: “An organized morning sets the tone for the day. I get ready before they wake up and plan my day. I establish ground rules with my kids.”

ACH Specialist, Brie, found a unique way to keep the kids amused while she works. Adding a new family member did the trick: “We got a bunny! The kids play with and take care of him most of the day. It’s the only thing that they can seem to do without fighting and it keeps them busy.”

Need help motivating your team?

Check our infographic with tips to help your team better adjust to their new at-home routine.

How to Make the Most of Remote Work

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