Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2016

Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2016 320 240 Balance Point Team

Bring Your Child To Work DayBalance Point recently joined the 3.5 million workplaces in the U.S. participating in Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2016.

We welcomed 20+ kids into our offices for the day to give them an insight into what we do.

Kids were encouraged to participate in activities ranging from “printing and copying basics” to “organizing the supply closet” (ok, so we may have taken advantage of the cheap labor!)

While there were few moments of mayhem, for the most part the kids were well-behaved, respectful, and eager to soak everything in. And while we’re pretty sure they learned a thing or two, it got us thinking about what companies and organizations can learn from them.

3 Lessons Learned from our kids at Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day

Play Nicely with Others

The ability to build and maintain good working relationships is an invaluable skill, one that you probably picked up in pre-school. When employees are in harmony, they are less distracted by interpersonal problems and can provide undivided focus on their work.

Healthy relationships among co-workers foster better teamwork, which leads to higher productivity. People with strong relationships at work benefit from emotional support and lower stress levels. They are more willing to work together to find solutions and to cover for each other when someone is under the weather.

It’s a good idea to encourage comradery in the workplace. Give employees of different departments an opportunity to work together from time to time. Discourage gossip by encouraging open lines of communication among departments and employees.

Make Time for Fun and Downtime

Many tasks, like writing or strategizing, take a lot of mental effort, and your brain can only focus for long. Encourage employees to take their lunch breaks away from their desks, along with several short breaks throughout the day. They’ll return refreshed and more productive.

One of the main reasons people procrastinate is that they find a task boring and have trouble motivating themselves to do it. Make the routine work more fun by listening to music or moving the work to a different area of the office. Schedule team meetings outside in a park or at a local coffee shop.

Allow your employees time for socialization and provide opportunities for them to mingle during the day. Balance Point has been known to bring out the cornhole boards and bean bags for an impromptu tournament on a Friday afternoon.

Support Curiosity

Curiosity is the first part of the learning process. Supporting employees’ desire to further their knowledge and career is a win-win situation for all. You can do this by providing opportunities for them to take continuing education classes and by offering mentoring programs.

Schedule regular brainstorming sessions that are open to all employees and encourage “dumb” questions. You’d be surprised how many great ideas can stem from a not-so-great question.

We are all born with an innate curiosity to learn. Nurture that in the workplace and you’re setting your organization up for success.

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