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Manage Employees from Recruitment to OffboardingFrom the moment a potential hire submits their resume to their final day in the office, they tend to wear an assortment of hats.

Likewise, the vast sea of paperwork: notes, personal documents, performance reviews, benefit updates, payroll, etc. can be difficult to maintain, store, and access when necessary.

…and then there are all the training mechanisms, the onboarding, the development.

At what point does your employee actually work?

They do, of course. And hopefully, they work smart.

But employee management from recruiting to offboarding is still difficult to take hold of. To create an atmosphere where employees—and management—can thrive, management must take steps to streamline these processes, create an air of trust, and empower employees to explore their potential within themselves and the organization.

The Recruitment Shuffle

The entire recruitment process is long and arduous. This could involve recruiters, resume vetting, interviews, second interviews, and so on. At the end of the day, a lot of resources and team members are caught up in the shuffle.

Managers, HR professionals, and recruiters can more effectively streamline and communicate the candidate experience in one location. Instead of email exchanges, attachments, and too many notes to go through, consider a Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Throughout the recruitment process, management can see, in real time, any notes and interviews conducted, assessments, and further actions required. Notes, attachments, resumes, portfolios, and additional information are all there, in one location, instead of loitering all over your poor inbox.

Onboarding to the Team

If using an HRIS, you’ve made your hiring decision with confidence and efficiency.

You’re feeling good about it.

And then it hits like a sucker punch.


You think fondly back to a time of applications and portfolios, now lost in a sea of benefits documents, employee handbooks, non-disclosures, payroll forms, personal documents…

…it seems like it never ends.

And again, HR professionals are taken away from their daily tasks to ensure this goes smoothly.

How fortunate (if you’re using an HRIS)! It can!

See, an HRIS streamlines the entire onboarding process.

Once it’s set up, an employee receives documents to review and sign, submit electronically, and all is filed within the HRIS.

The next series of documents are issued, the employee handbook, other relevant information—and each is similarly signed, sealed, and delivered. It’s yoouuurs!

Since an HRIS electronically stores documents, you remove the need for an HR professional (or professionals) to keep up with the shuffle. They’ll know when documents are received, when the next are issued, and when they can move on with the onboarding process.

And your new hire will thank you for saving them from the avalanche of paperwork that comes with beginning a role.

Professional Development Standards and Training

So now your hire is all set, working (they grow up so fast!), and getting things done.

Without an all-knowing eye-in-the-sky, you can’t be too sure where improvement is needed, where they’re excelling, and how they can best continue to grow within the organization.

You already know where this is heading…

An HRIS keeps any notes about an employee together for easy access and review.

It makes training a breeze—and you should keep up with your employee training if you want to keep that great talent.

Performance reviews are conducted fluidly, with all the information you need in one click. There’s no back-and-forth, no need to make it a huge production. Everything is ready and available.

And when it’s not needed?

It’s secure in the cloud. Accessible to only those who need to view these documents.

So rest easy knowing that collected employee data is safe.

Information Updates and Changes

Employees move. They evolve within your organization. They receive pay increases.

Why am I telling you things you already know?

Because, as you also know, this means updates to documents and information.

But guess what?

Oh, wow. You…yea you guessed right!

An HRIS makes this so very, very simple.

The updates are made electronically, by the employee (or manager, whomever you prefer), and back to storage they go. This applies to payroll, role change, benefits, and personal information changes.

All done in one program. All done seamlessly.

It’s enough to bring a tear to my eye (I’m a sucker for efficiency.)


Sometimes employees move on.

Sometimes you move on from an employee.

In either case, or any others that might come up, offboarding procedures are put into play.

An HRIS will again streamline these proceedings, collect the resignation letter, establish a meeting with HR for severance package and exit interviews, process remaining paid time off, collect passwords and other company assets, and store information beyond the employee’s leave.

It’s a tough time whenever an employee is let go, or let’s go themselves—but an HRIS ensures that all information is collected and stored. No stones left unturned.

And you’ll know your organization is secure, safe, and both parties can move on.

Now, it’s back to the top for you!

Remember all the fun of recruiting new employees?

It’s time to ride that rollercoaster again!

Such is business, after all.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult to manage.

Consider an HRIS and make every aspect of employee management simple, streamlined, and within control.

Balance Point Has You Covered

Whether you’re deep in the trenches or always on the go, our solution keeps you updated on time tracking, requests, documentation, and so much more. Compliance can be monitored anywhere – at any time!

…And it’s cloud-based, too—so cyber threats are a non-issue. Personal documents and information are viewed only by those who must access them. Your information is safe.

Balance Point’s HCM solution was developed and tailored to the requests of our clients. You asked, we listened. Now business owners and management teams have a streamlined approach to compliance and stability.

Let everybody, from yourself to HR professionals, get on with their day without hunting paperwork. Without worrying about overtime. Without delays. There are more important things to accomplish.

Is Balance Point’s solution a good fit for your organization?

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