How Mobile Technology is Enriching Human Capital Management

How Mobile Technology is Enriching Human Capital Management 2560 1708 Balance Point Team

Business MobilityHow Mobile Technology is Enriching Human Capital Management

It is easy to understand how mobile technology has affected the global business landscape. Mobile devices and applications have taken over our personal lives. It only stands to reason that business owners and human resource professionals will embrace mobile solutions too. Anyone involved in managing employees is going to need to address mobile solutions soon—if they have not already.

Going Mobile

Mobile technology spans a wide range of industries including human capital management (HCM). The modern day HCM professional is now in a position to deploy mobile apps to their employees. The employee should be able to perform multiple functions on their mobile device—viewing their paystub, clocking in at a work location, requesting time off, and more.

Consider these scenarios:

  • Stacy, a senior IT professional, is traveling to a meeting. She can use her downtime to see who on her team is scheduled to be in that week. She can make decisions about whom to grant a time off request, review a past paycheck, and more—all without firing up her laptop.
  • Michael is a foreman for a construction firm. He can use a tablet to punch his team in for the morning, and can easily monitor hours worked to see if anyone is approaching overtime.
  • Jenny, a home care nurse, can allocate hours to various departments, jobs, and clients using a mobile application. This kind of labor allocation can help a wide variety of employers—law firms, contractors, manufacturing firms, entertainment companies, and more.
  • Carlos is a recruiter for a tech firm. The overall recruitment process is improved by using mobile: posting and applying for jobs, managing resumes, communicating with candidates, and more.

In all of these cases, the experience is enriched thanks to mobile technology.

What about Human Resources?

Human resources professionals have found themselves having to do more with less. Many have lost headcount due to budget constraints and taken on more responsibilities—recruitment, building company culture, onboarding, exit interviews, open enrollment, etc.—as a result. Mobile applications can relieve some of the administrative burden. Employees no longer need HR to answer questions regarding how much vacation time they have left, if they were paid properly, and so on. The mobile app reduces the amount of “touches” that a HR professional needs to have during their workday, freeing them up to focus on more strategic needs.

Embracing Technology

The relationship between technology and employees is key—and not just for those that design it. Have you been in a large meeting in a conference room lately? Most of the people in that meeting probably had their smartphone with them. It’s how they interact and function, socially and professionally.

Mobile technology saves time, money, and effort—and it can be fun and engaging for all who use it. It helps those in the HCM industry build a better employee experience and ultimately increases retention of their best people.

This guest post is provided by Balance Point’s Geoffrey Goldman. In his role as Sales Engineer, Geoffrey supports our Sales Team in the field by demonstrating the benefits of HCM technology.

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