Why National Payroll Week is as American as it Gets

Why National Payroll Week is as American as it Gets 622 350 Balance Point Team

What is National Payroll Week?Why National Payroll Week is as American as it Gets

National Payroll Week is an awareness campaign held across the country every year during the week of Labor Day.

Why are we celebrating payroll?

It’s not just because they make Fridays that much $weeter.

It seems like every day/week is a new “national holiday”. The first week of August was deemed National Minority Donor Awareness Week, and the following week is now recognized as National Apple Week.

While both are noble causes, the American Payroll Association (APA) felt that the working Americans and the industries who pay them deserve to be celebrated at least as much as an apple.

If that reason alone isn’t enough for you, here are 5 more reasons why we are celebrating payroll this week:

  1. To recognize the efforts of professionals in the payroll industry
  2. To help workers learn more about their paychecks, the payroll withholding system, and payroll-related benefits
  3. To honor the partnership among American workers, their companies, the payroll professionals who pay them and link to thoughtful government programs like social security, medicare and child support
  4. To celebrate the economic, social and cultural achievements of American workers
  5. To reiterate the significance of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”

In other words, we’re saying thanks to the Americans who work their you-know-whats off, and the people who make sure they are compensated for doing so.

As NPW says, “America works because we’re working for America.”

The Unsung American HeroesWhy National Payroll Week is as American as it Gets


Not really.

Payroll professionals are responsible for keeping the American economy afloat by providing workers with their paychecks. In addition to withholding for child support payments, Social Security, health insurance premiums, and retirement plans, payroll professionals put money in people’s pockets every payday.

As a consumer-based country, without that money going into our pockets, there wouldn’t be any money available to make purchases and fuel our economy. Whether it’s cash in an envelope, an electronic deposit, or a paycheck, we, as individuals and as a country, rely on the smooth operation of our payroll systems.

As federal, state, and local regulations continue to change, the men and women of payroll work fervently to maintain compliance while administering paychecks accurately and on time. This saves employers and employees expensive penalties and countless headaches.

What do we have to do with payroll?

Here at Balance Point, we satisfy all of your human capital management needs–human resources, time and attendance, and payroll–in one simple solution.

While this platform provides a plethora of features, payroll is the cornerstone.

With a preview feature that allows you to catch payroll mistakes before they’re processed, our solution ensures your payroll is run efficiently and accurately.

So, as a company committed to serving your payroll needs, we would like to say two things:

  1. If you’re dissatisfied with your HRIS software, find out if our services can better meet your needs by clicking here.
  2. Happy National Payroll Week to all you hard workers!
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