This “New” Hiring Trend Will Improve Your Organization

This “New” Hiring Trend Will Improve Your Organization 2560 1707 Balance Point Team


Conscious HiringThere’s a new trend emerging in the hiring process. And it’s not what you might think.

While a lot of companies are starting to lean on automation and technology to speed up the recruiting process, if they swing too far on the tech pendulum, they are doing their organization a major disservice.

So how do you avoid the mindlessness and lack of controlled choices that come with the speed and automation of technology running your processes?

You need to shift to more Conscious Hiring®. An approach coined by Magi Graziano author of “The Wealth of Talent.” This “new” trend is the basis for her company Conscious Hiring® and Development.

So what is this Conscious Hiring® all about?

Glad you asked…

Hiring the right employee is no easy task.

Too often, business owners take the easy way out and hire for “function” rather than “fit.” To make the right hire, a conscious hiring mindset needs to be developed.

A conscious hiring mindset, as described by Magi in her article on Foundry Mag, is one that incorporates a company’s culture, attitude, and mission into the hiring process—ensuring that all characteristics of a company and a future employee perfectly align.

These are things that people need to be paying attention to.

Yes, technology is great at helping us work faster and more efficiently, but there still needs to be a human element involved in business, particularly the areas that actually involve humans!

Aligning Your Organization With Your Hiring

Alignment is the most important component of conscious hiring. A situation where a company and future employee perfectly align is one in which the following occurs:

  • The future employee wants to work for a company because he or she honors the company’s values and believes in the company’s mission
  • The company wants an employee because he or she has the qualities and motivation to do the required job

Perfect employee and company alignment ensures that business goals are reached quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Once alignment occurs, many of the other components of conscious hiring easily fall into place.

Optimizing Your Workforce

Optimization is defined as making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. This definition can easily be applied to the hiring process and workforce.

Workforce optimization refers to having a group of workers who are focused on working toward a common goal. A workforce that is completely optimized is one in which there is communication, competition, and culture.

A company’s long-term success is ensured when workforce optimization occurs.

Hiring the right people to be together on your workforce is key to this optimization. It’s not just about filling job roles and doling out assignments. Workforce optimization comes from team chemistry. And a piece of software scanning resumes for keywords can’t help you with building a team with chemistry.

Engage Your Employees

For the business owner or hiring manager, an important part of the hiring process is screening a candidate to make sure they will be completely engaged should they get the job. Another area where technology won’t be much help…

This can be tricky, as every candidate usually puts their best foot forward during the interview process. Only candidates who display the energy and positive attitude required to be consistently engaged should be considered. Hiring such a candidate ensures high business productivity.

Retain More Employees For Longer

Newsflash: Major efforts and resources go into hiring a new employee.

A company that wants to be successful needs to do everything it can to make sure they select and then retain the right candidate. Continuing the hiring process over and over again over several months or years can exhaust a company and its employees.

A conscious hiring process begins by identifying the finished state—clearly identifying the exact purpose of the job and how that purpose relates to a specific company goal.

Resumes are a wonderful filtering tool for a high volume of candidates; however, they shouldn’t be used a definitive measure as a hiring choice.

Often times, a candidate with a less “impressive” resume may be a perfect fit for a company.

Improve Your Customer Service

We believe, not surprisingly, that customer service is extremely important. A single customer’s experience can drastically affect the perception of a company.

Hiring people who have the ability to understand customers’ concerns and properly address them is part of the conscious hiring process.

Thinking about this intentionally will help you to create a hiring brand that perfectly matches their customer brand.

Key Takeaways Of Conscious Hiring?

As much as we love technology and how it can drastically improve business and our lives, if we rely on it too much we give up control over the path that we are on.

Knowing how to balance your technology and human resources will be the key to leveling up your workforce.

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