Nonprofit Apps To Help Raise Funds

Nonprofit Apps To Help Raise Funds 291 292 Balance Point Team

nonprofit apps using phoneIt’s no doubt that smartphones are our lifelines. So it only makes sense that there are great possibilities for using nonprofit apps to help raise funds.

According to a recent behavioral study conducted by Forrester Research, 85 percent of the time consumers spend on their smartphones is on apps, and that number is even higher for the millennial generation.

Not only are millennials charitable investors looking to make a difference in the world, they also feel the need to be constantly connected. If you’re not already using mobile apps to help raise funds for your nonprofit, now might be the time to consider doing so. We did the research and compiled this list of 5 apps your nonprofit can use today to help raise funds.

5 Apps to Help Your Nonprofit Raise Funds

1. One Today by Google

One Today Nonprofit AppTo utilize this app you first need to apply for Google for Nonprofits, a service from Google that grants you free access to tools that can help you reach new donors and volunteers. Once approved, you can begin using One Today to raise funds. First, you easily create a “project” highlighting all the wonderful things your organization does. Users download the app and are presented with new “project” each day in which they can donate to support the cause. It also allows them to share with friends, further promoting your mission.

2. Check-In for Good

Check-in App For GoodUsing location-based technology, similar to Foursquare, users can “check-in” from their smartphone at donation hotspots—local businesses who you have partnered with to contribute to your cause. After creating a free Cause Page, you solicit businesses in order to gain exposure for your campaign. Businesses love it because it drives traffic, nonprofits love it because it’s easy to implement, and patrons love it because it allows them to do good while visiting their favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. A win-win for everyone.

3. Charity Miles

Charity Miles logoThis app allows users to earn money for your organization whenever they run, bike, walk the dog, or even shovel snow! After downloading the app, Charity Miles tracks the user’s movements and they immediately begin earning donation money with each mile. The app provides a good way for your nonprofit to conduct year-long fundraisers as it provides a way to log miles during events.

4. Donate a Photo

Donate A Photo appThis app from Johnson & Johnson allows users to share one photo a day to support a cause. For every photo they upload, Johnson & Johnson will make a $1 donation to the organization that the user chooses. Once a charity reaches its goal, or the donation period ends, a new cause fills its place. Even if your goal isn’t reached, your organization may still get a minimum donation.

5. Givolio

givolio app logo iconProviding a convenient way to give to your organization is what’s so great about this app. The ease of giving has been compared to hitting the “Like” button on Facebook. You set up a profile for your organization and this app enables donors to give to your nonprofit in just a few taps. It also provides you with the opportunity to continue the dialogue with those who are giving by updating them on your initiatives.





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