Data Sharing Philosophy

We focus on what we do best—streamlining your workforce management needs. We do not sell insurance or financial services. Rather, we work with your trusted advisors—CPAs, health and workers’ comp brokers, TPAs, and financial advisors—to make sure the power of your data serves everyone involved in running your business the right way.

For example, if your 401(k) provider needs a custom report or if you need data to support an audit, we’ll get you what you need. We have the resources and know-how to make it happen.

This attitude has sparked a philosophy that we call Singularity™.

Accounting Icon


Transport your payroll data to general ledger.

Insurance Icon


Seamlessly share data with your broker, carrier, and more.

Retirement Icon


Leverage the providers of your choice while reaping the benefits of integration.

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Simplify Form 5500 submissions.

Workers' Comp Icon

Workers' Comp

Smooth out cash flow by paying premiums on a per payroll basis.

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Efficiently send contribution data to your provider.



Effortlessly access HR analytics for convenience, compliance, and strategy.

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