Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Employees

Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Employees 2560 1707 Balance Point Team

Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining EmployeesEmployers seeking to recruit and retain employees in today’s market face unique challenges: A low unemployment rate means a shrinking talent pool as there are fewer people searching for positions.

Millennials, the largest generation in the U.S. population, are notorious job hoppers – according to a recent study, 44% surveyed said they plan to quit their current job within two years.

And last, but not least, it is estimated that U.S. companies spend an average of $4,000 to fill an open position, and the process takes approximately 52 days – not including the time it takes to train the new hire.

We recently sat down with Mike Janis, founder of HRTMS, the first stand-alone SasS-based job description management tool on the market today for his insight. Since the beginning of his career, Mike has lived by four business principles that he says “are on the walls at all the companies where I worked, and on the reverse side of every employee’s business card.”

Those principles are:

  • Never lose a client
  • Never lose a good employee
  • Deliver what is promised
  • Be #1 in all you do

Eager to weigh in on the topic of recruitment and retention, Mike provided us with 11 tips that are good practice no matter what type of business you are in. When asked why he provided 11 tips, vs. the more conventional 10, Mike responded, “The simple answer is that after 40 years and some gray hair, I should have at least one ‘extra’ tip for you.”

Here are just a few of Mike’s top tips:

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

Successful leaders and managers must always be looking to fill all positions. Recruiting should be 24/7, almost an obsession.

Hire Only the Best

Never make an offer unless you and your team think a candidate can perform to an “A” level in that position.

Find Your Replacement

A successful CEO has at least one person on the team who can take his/her place.

Learn from Other Managers

Observe the management styles of people around you, then eliminate the ones that clearly don’t work with employees. Embrace the management practices that inspire employees to perform at high levels.

Create Raving Fans

Employees feel good when clients are satisfied. They are truly energized when customers become “raving fans” for your product or service.


About Mike Janis:

A two-time New Jersey “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist, Mike has started and managed four successful software companies during his career. His latest endeavor, HRTMS, helps HR professionals discover the potential in their job descriptions. HRTMS is the first stand alone, SaaS-based job description management tool on the market today.


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