Requesting Time Off: Make It Easier

Requesting Time Off: Make It Easier 2000 6000 Balance Point Team

Brett and Chet Request Time Off

Meet Brett and Chet.

They work for our favorite business owners, Stan and Dan. They are stellar employees and valued by their managers.

Brett and Chet are also Millennials. As digital natives, they are accustomed to having everything at their fingertips. They order pizza, coffee, and cars from the ease of an app. They expect the same conveniences when it comes to work too.

One warm summer evening the two men are approached by their friend Bridget who asks them to join her at an upcoming music festival. Both are expected to work the day of the festival but really want to go.

What happens when they reach out to Stan and Dan to request the day off? Keep in mind Stan is using Balance Point’s human capital management (HCM) platform which features employee self-service. Dan is not. Read our infographic to find out who, if either, got to enjoy the day off.

Brett and Chet request time off

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