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Work From Home Policy Checklist

What used to be a perk is now the norm. Remote work has become a necessity and so has the need to create Work from Home Policies. Having one limits the risks associated with remote work and sets employees up for success. Download our checklist to learn what it should include.

Attracting, Recognizing, and Retaining Top Talent

For HR teams, a better employee experience will help shape a culture that makes it easier to find, recognize, and retain top talent. This resource from our technology partner, isolved, highlights unique circumstances faced when recruiting applicants and keeping workforces happy.


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an HCM Platform

When human capital management is done right – and on a platform that supports HR best practices – the upside is an employee experience that helps recruit, retain and, ultimately, drive revenue. This resource, produced in conjunction with our technology partner, isolved, presents 5 common mistakes to steer clear of when selecting a platform.

Avoiding COVID Related Lawsuits

COVID-related litigation may prove more damaging to business than anything employers have dealt with so far. Lawsuits are being filed fast and furiously and will be a threat in 2021 and beyond. In this guide we examine 4 trending areas of litigation and the actions you can take today to avoid being a statistic.

New Reality Guide

Managing a Workforce in our New Reality

The workplace has been permanently altered due to the coronavirus and new challenges are still emerging. To thrive, companies must rethink their workforce strategies and reinvent their workplaces. In this guide we address what you need to consider to help you build, manage, and maintain a productive and steadfast team.

Tax Facts

We have compiled Federal and State wage and tax information for New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Included is FICA, FUTA, Retirement Plans, Federal and State Minimum Wage, State Unemployment Insurance Rates.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

There are many benefits to automating HCM processes, including a positive impact on your bottom line. Download our ROI calculator to learn how much our platform can save you each year on human resources, payroll, and other workforce management needs.

employee handbook

The Small Business Guide to Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook lays the groundwork for a strong HR infrastructure. It defines the employee/employer relationship and provides legal protection against employment claims. Read why companies of every size need one in our guide.

your guide to hcm solution

HCM Solution Buying Guide

We’ve simplified the overwhelming task of selecting the right HCM solution to manage your workforce. This valuable guide demystifies the process and increases the odds of a successful transition and favorable ROI.

Workplace Recovery GuideMockup

The Employer’s Guide to Workplace Recovery

No one anticipated the profound impact of the Coronavirus crisis. Navigating complex legislation, accommodating remote workers, and preparing the workplace for employees’ safe return are some of the unique challenges that employers are facing. To help, we have compiled advice to guide your workplace toward recovery.

HR Assessment Happy Team Photo

HR Risk Assessment

To thrive, organizations need to have a strong HR infrastructure in place. Take our assessment and put yours to the test. You will receive instant feedback and helpful advice with each answer. Complete all questions to see how your results measure up.

Protecting Your Organization from Worker Misclassification

Protecting Your Organization from Worker Misclassification

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors carries hefty penalties. Making the determination between contractor and employee is tricky but essential to compliance. Learn the nuances and what you need to know to protect your organization in this valuable resource.

HCM Fundamentals

HCM Fundamentals: Payroll and Time & Attendance Solutions

Tracking employee time and processing payroll are essential business functions. They ensure that employees remain engaged and your organization remains compliant. The process is complex and time-consuming, but it’s imperative you get it right. Learn how in our guide.

Talent Acquisition Guide

The Essential Guide to Talent Acquisition

Your company is only as good as the people you employ. Finding and retaining the best is crucial to success. How do you go about future-proofing your business? Start by developing a talent acquisition strategy. Learn the secrets to crafting one in this essential resource.

HCM 101 Guide

Human Capital Management 101

Much more than HR jargon, human capital management (or HCM) is a set of practices that is essential for every organization. In this white paper we explore the evolution of HCM, the benefits of having a formal strategy, and the role technology plays in the execution.

Comprehensive Guide to Employee Engagement

A passionate and productive workforce is attainable. Employee engagement is the key. In this all-inclusive guide you’ll learn the secrets to elevating engagement within your organization, including practices to implement, mistakes to avoid, and resources to maximize success.

Managing the Employee Life Cycle

Managing the Employee Life Cycle

This free guide offers advice to help employers manage the entire lifecycle of the employee. How-to topics include: attract and retain top talent, interview more efficiently, conduct better performing performance reviews, and develop offboarding procedures to gain insight for future hires.

The Small Business CFO’s Guide to Strategic HCM

The Small Business CFO’s Guide to Strategic HCM

This resource provides CFOs of small businesses (and those in a similar capacity) the information they need to take a more strategic approach to managing their workforce. Better collaboration with HR, attracting and retaining talent, and identifying soft costs are a few of the topics covered.

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