Shifting to a People Focused HR

Shifting to a People Focused HR 400 261 Balance Point Team

new role in HRHave you heard of a Chief Heart Officer yet?

How about VP of People?

Maybe you’ve seen Billions, where Axe Cap’s most valued employee is their in-house Performance Coach, Wendy Rhoades.

This type of role is like the lead domino that makes everyone at your company achieve greater success individually and as a team.

Companies are starting to recognize the value in strategic management and human resources, emphasis on “human.”

Over the past 10 years, technology and businesses have changed. Technology has given businesses a new focus, and opportunity to improve and grow.

With companies engaging with a digital movement, there’s also been a cultural movement along side it. Because of the leverage and efficiency that properly used technology can help your company with, it frees up your team to do more impactful work.

The role of HR has evolved over time and dealing with all of these changes is no easy task.

So what’s the future like for HR leaders? A more people-focused HR.

The New People Role

Some companies have taken the approach to change the HR job title all together. After all, their jobs involve a lot more than what it used to. Some companies have changed job titles to Cultural Evangelist, Chief Happiness Officer or even Mood Coordinator.

Being more “people-focused,” this new role for HR departments means having a lot more responsibility but also being a part of this change in mindset.

Instead of being told what to do and what rules to enforce from upper level management, HR teams will now be more involved when making decisions. They’ll be able to add their own value and voice to help create programs that’ll help businesses reach their goals.

Building a more holistic approach to overall goals, objectives, and employee development will allow HR to be a part of various aspects of the business. It means learning more about the roles of others, how they can evolve and grow within, and how to create a happy and safe working environment.

What’s The Driving Force?

new technologiesThere are a few changes in the workplace that are putting this spin on new roles for human resources, not only to a more people-focused role, but a more strategic role.

Better Technology

Technology has allowed some of the administrative tasks that HR is faced with day-to-day to become easier. Different software have increased productivity and decreased the time spent on these types of tasks.

Greater Emphasis On Culture

Company culture is an important part of a company’s internal and external success.

The average employee today will switch jobs every 4.4 years, and this frequency is rapidly increasing with the rise of Millennials and Generation Z entering the workplace. These generations expect more than a paycheck. They don’t want to follow a basic job description but really feel a part of the company. They want to thrive in the workplace. As a result, HR has placed a greater emphasis on culture in order to attract them.

Companies Should Embrace The Change In HR

Actions speak louder than words. Companies need to embrace the change that’s going on in HR and help their leadership team decide how they want each person to function in their new role.

Want to learn how your organization can shift to a more people-focused approach and create more meaningful impact?

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