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What Too Many Small Businesses Don’t Know About HCM SolutionsYou’re pouring your heart, soul, and a good amount of time and resources into your small business—and it shows. Your dedication, persistence, and unwavering commitment to success is alive within your organization.

Your team has grown, too. From one…to 10…to 25…to 60…

This is what success looks like. So before you read any further, take a second to recognize your persistence and hard work—it is small business week, after all!

Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. With your influx of employees come unforeseen situations and needs you might never have given thought to. By now, you’re experiencing the need for a structured HR process. And, as you grow, this burden will only get heavier.

An HR professional is an asset to your organization and a wise hiring decision. Too often, HR professionals are focused on compliance and standardizing procedures. Very important factors for every organization, no doubt.

But while compliance is essential to your company’s present and future success—there are more valuable ways HR can contribute to the organization’s continued success.

But how, when there’s so many “little things” to keep up with?

Fortunately for small businesses, there are Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that ensure compliance. They handle everyday tasks, organize data, and streamline processes from onboarding to offboarding. This frees up your HR professional for more time-sensitive, pressing tasks.

HCM Systems and Small Business: A Perfect Fit

If you’re a small business, chances are you have a filing cabinet. Chances are better that you’re using Excel and Word documents to manage the business. Chances are great that these files are localized to one computer (or spread across innumerable emails.)

There are some issues that arise with these methods:

  • They aren’t efficient
  • They aren’t secure
  • They are accessible to anybody

And each of them is remedied by a Human Capital Management (HCM) system. And for small businesses, this frees up time and resources for more pressing tasks—like keeping growth steady!

An HCM Solution Creates Efficiency

Your HR professionals have a standardized process in place for recruiting, onboarding, filing, etc. That’s great practice! But what if the bolts could be tightened just a bit more to ensure best practices?

An HCM solution offers efficiency in streamlining your processes and keeping the onboarding process ‘on the rails.’

Let’s take onboarding for instance (since your business is growing and you’ll need to hire more great talent, after all).

There’s a ton of paperwork. Loads of it. And when you slam a new hire with mountains of paperwork or emails, it sets a negative precedent for life in the office. The Excel spreadsheet used to catalogue documents sent, currently out there, and those that need to be sent is time-consuming and subject to human error.

An HCM solution automates the process for you, sending and receiving documents, storing them, and retrieving copies at your request. Instead of bombarding a new hire with last-minute forms, your HCM solution delivers them at a timely pace.

Employees enter their first day excited, your HR professional has focused time elsewhere, and your HCM solution has collected each-and-every necessary document. Well done!

An HCM System is Secure

Technology is going to the birds! Outdated phrases aside, there’s an enormous HR shift to the cloud. And with good reason: cloud servers offer increased security over emails or filing cabinets.

Storing files and documents on a cloud server just means that those who need to see them can, and those who can’t…well, can’t.

Password protected functionality give your small business a boost in the age of malware, where 323,000 new pieces are formed each day. Sorry, don’t mean to cause fright, but it’s so easy to fall prey to constantly emerging threats; and the price organizations pay for that is large.

An HCM Solution is as Accessible as You Need

Whether it comes down to overtime, benefits, or updates to on-file documents, you choose who edits or views these documents.

Why not let your employees make updates to their address? Or review their current benefits package? This saves time for both the HR professional and employee.

And with an HCM solution, you can! Employees can be granted access to their own documents and files–which, of course, can be reviewed. This does more than create efficiency within your organization, it creates an air of mutual trust between your employee and the organization.

Which HCM Solution is Right for My Small Business?

As a small business owner, you know which functions need revitalization. You know which will see the most improvement with increased efficiency. Knowing these factors is half the battle—now you just need to find the HCM solution that molds to your needs.

Balance Point’s own HCM solution makes many functions a breeze.

With it, you’ll find a pliable tool that streamlines many processes within your organization. Our solution scales with you, ensuring best practices every step of the way.

And if you ever need assistance or inspiration, you can rely on the Balance Point staff to be there for you when you need.

Streamline processes. Create efficiency. Secure growth.

To learn more about Balance Point’s solution, click here.

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