Social Media Tools To Increase Employee Engagement

Social Media Tools To Increase Employee Engagement 2560 3200 Balance Point Team

You see it all the time when you walk by an employee’s desk or glance into a co-workers office.

When an employee is standing by the water cooler, or walking back from the bathroom with their phone in hand and eyes glued to the screen.

The mindless swipe of a finger. Your employee is scrolling through social media. They’re disengaged and not being productive.

What if there was a crucial change? What if the social media they were scrolling through was actually helping them be more productive, more collaborative, and more engaged?

With email and messaging at the tips of our fingers, it can be really easy for an employee to just stay at their desk and digitally communicate with colleagues. Sometimes the lack of face-to-face communication can have a negative impact on production.

Emails get lost, messages are missed, but what if there was the best of both worlds?

What if there was a tool made specifically for employees? What if it worked similar to a social media platform like Facebook, and encouraged employees to communicate?

Here’s how an internal social media tool could actually increase employee engagement.

Social Media Tools For Employees

Most people communicate digitally these days. Having a platform where employees can communicate could have a positive impact on the efficiency and productivity of your team.

Imagine your employees are logged into a dashboard on their computers that lets them view a thread of status-like updates regarding projects they are working on.

An engagement solution like this would allow for employees to request feedback, give feedback to others, and share ideas.

Having an interactive tool encourages employees to be more collaborative with each other.

How Social Media Tools Can Help Employee Engagement

Keep Everyone in the Loop

How many times do you have to chase an employee for a status update on a project? How many emails are sent back and forth, wasting time, stalling production.

A social tool that can allow employees to post updates on their own lets management know how the project is progressing, but also allows other team members to check in and be notified of pending issues or when it nears completion.

Get Help

Employees might not feel comfortable going out of their way to ask others for help or feedback on a project. If there was a social media tool that the entire company was using for this purpose, they might feel more confident reaching out.

Asking for help while working on a project involves more than just one person. Sometimes multiple perspectives, ideas, and problem solving strategies is what’s needed to get the job done.

Encouraging employees to ask for help or feedback can help boost overall engagement by allowing team members to work more collaboratively and productively.

Share Ideas

How do your employees communicate with each other? If they have ideas or want to share thoughts about something, do they write an email, or set up a meeting? Sharing ideas among coworkers is a great way to collaborate but when do you actually see the engagement?

In today’s society we’re so used to having everything done instantly. If you have a question you can Google it. If you have a thought and want to let someone know ASAP, you can text them. The same could apply in the workplace.

If an employee has an idea and is able to quickly hop into a social space to share with their peers, they might get feedback faster. Instead of waiting for a meeting with management or coworkers, getting quick responses might help push the idea into motion.

Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge between coworkers is the ultimate way to be a team player. Encouraging your employees to communicate with each other, with an easy to use social media tool could really improve the way they perform on a project.

Being able to quickly share tips with coworkers can really help save people time and encourage employees to ask questions and learn from one another.

How Social Media Affects Employee Engagement

Yes, social media within the workplace can be a distraction. However, changing the way your employees socially interact within the workplace can very well be in your best interest. A tool that’s made to help connect your employees in a way that’s technologically and socially relatable for them can help boost employee engagement.

New technology can be scary for some employees and they might seem hesitant to jump in and start using it. A social media-like tool made specifically for coworkers, designed in a way they are already used to using, can really pique some interest and excitement within the company.

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