Benefits Administration

Better Manage Your Workforce Benefits

Don’t tarnish the value of your benefits plan with a cumbersome enrollment process. Our HCM technology helps simplify the process for both the administrator and the employee, putting an end to open enrollment anxiety.

Screenshot: isolved Client Management Benefit Enrollment Setup

Administrators experience a reduction in paperwork and data entry. Carrier connectivity ensures all information is properly communicated to the carrier, accurately and on time.

Wizard-format guides employees through the process step by step. Self-service features enable employees to easily compare plans and make elections anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of their own homes.

Reap these Benefits

  • Benefits administration is simplified for both you and the employee
  • Errors are eliminated with proper checks and reporting
  • Cost benefit comparisons make planning and decision-making easier
  • Carrier connectivity ensures all life events are properly communicated
  • A relaxed user experience translates to higher employee engagement
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