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Build a Smarter Workforce

Here’s a smart idea: Centralize your training efforts by delivering a simple, yet robust learning system to your employees.

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Our learning management system (LMS) is a complete e-learning solution that’s integrated within our HCM platform.

With it, you can design personalized training programs for your workforce tailored to your organization’s specific business goals. Human resources professionals, supervisors, and team leaders can assign courses to their staff members based on roles and needs, and easily track progression.

Centralize Your Training Efforts

  • Create your own course paths, quizzes, and certifications
  • Upload original content or upgrade to add on a library of 150 current, pre-built courses. View the course list.
  • Keep learners engaged with a visually intuitive interface and gamification elements
  • Deliver dozens of courses to employees in easily consumable content segments
  • Easily access reports and dashboards
  • Certificates sync with your HCM solution
  • NEW! Further expand with Marketplace and gain access to a library of over 50,000 courses on a wide range of topics. View the course list.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to add an LMS is its ability to boost employee engagement. By investing in your employees’ education and training you demonstrate your commitment to advancing their careers. This builds a deeply connected workforce.

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