Spread Some Office Cheer this Holiday Season

Spread Some Office Cheer this Holiday Season 426 283 Balance Point Team

We recently held a holiday decorating contest in our office, a Balance Point tradition that started several years ago. Each of the cube “quads” competed to outdo each other in epic fashion.

The results of their handiwork were amazing—from Santa’s Wonderland complete with picture-taking elves, to a luau-themed celebration, to a depiction of the “McClane stuck in the elevator shaft” scene from the movie Die Hard. Yes, Die Hard technically IS a Christmas movie. And according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey, 13% of respondents agree.

The winner was announced just before our annual Holiday Party. All gathered to hear our partners’ big decision. It was almost too close to call, but apparently they side with the 13%, since the Die Hard quad took first place. Take a look at the photos, who would you have voted for?

As you can tell, the Balance Point team is an enthusiastic bunch and needs no help getting into the spirit. But if your office could benefit from some holiday cheer, we’ve put together a few suggestions:

Plan a Gift Swap

Everyone’s familiar with the typical Secret Santa exchange where everyone picks a name and has to buy a gift for that person within a specified spending limit. Having to choose a personal gift for a co-worker is a great way to get to know each other. If your office has “been there, done that” there are some twists.

For Guess the Gift everyone brings in a random wrapped gift. When it comes to time to swap presents, one person holds up their gift and everyone takes turns guessing what it is. The first person to get it right, gets the gift. In Conspiracy Santa, the whole team collaborates in buying gifts for everyone in the office. Read more about it and the app created for it here.

Coordinate a Potluck Lunch or Bake Off

Designate a day for everyone to bring in a favorite dish to share with co-workers over lunch. If lunch is too difficult to coordinate, ask everyone to bring in a homemade baked good or dessert. If your employees appreciate a little friendly competition like we do, turn it into a contest. Those employees who feel that baking/cooking isn’t their thing can serve as the judges.

Organize a Food or Toy Drive

Participating in a charitable initiative is a great way for your organization to give back to the community while boosting morale. To find the right charity, look to your customers and partners, or one that has special meaning to an employee.

To make shopping for the items a bit more fun, do what we do: meet at a toy store (or supermarket) after hours, divide into teams, and give each a list and money. The team to buy the most items on their list, wins. (Did I mention we like competition?)

You may find the experience so rewarding that you’ll make charitable giving a part of your company culture. Read about our efforts here.

From everyone at Balance Point, Happy Holidays!

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