Stop Putting Up With Negligent Payroll Providers

Stop Putting Up With Negligent Payroll Providers 940 788 Balance Point Team

Stop Putting Up With Negligent Payroll ProvidersThere’s nothing worse than a payroll provider giving off the impression that they are the best in the business only to quickly disappoint and not meet your expectations.

Unfortunately, a company demo can seem great at the time, but once the sale has been made, anything goes (and sometimes, everything goes…out the window!).

You may find the knowledge of services do not match what was anticipated, and the customer communications is practically nonexistent.

The truth is, some payroll providers don’t make an effort to develop a firm handle on who their clients are nor do they involve themselves in the specifics of their client’s needs.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it can pose a real problem for you and wreak havoc companywide.

Is Your Payroll Provider Constantly Trying To Upsell You?

So how can you tell if you are dealing with an erratic and inattentive payroll provider?

For starters, if you are constantly getting random sales calls from their reps, attempting to sell you other products that add no value to your company and do not address your particular needs, then your payroll provider is interested more in sales than in your company.

These red flags indicate that your own payroll provider has no idea what your needs are even though you are already their customer. Another red flag would be if they don’t even know how to pronounce the name of your company.

Hopefully it doesn’t get that bad.

As an existing customer, you should have a solid enough relationship with your payroll provider that they come to you directly when there is a new product or service that could benefit your company. If there is a new product that aligns with the goals of your company, than your designated sales rep should make you aware by reaching out to you.

Random sales reps from the company should not be calling you. Not only is it incredibly annoying, but they do not know you personally and certainly won’t know the needs of your company.

Call Center Issues vs Single Point Of Contact

There’s no doubt that call centers can provide greater frustrations than having a single point.

When you have an issue, regardless of what it is, you want it fixed immediately. When communicating with a payroll call center, there are greater opportunities for negligence.

A call center handles your issue, your frustrations continue to build as you wait on hold, get passed from one agent to another, and told that you will need to call back when a particular person gets back from vacation, etc.

In a nutshell, the communication barrier that comes from dealing with a call center is anything but easy.

Is Your Payroll Provider Able To Help Guide You To Solutions?

When you use a payroll service provider, you entrust them to guide you through problems and help you reach solutions. Your expectation is that you will have a good enough relationship with your provider that your life will become easier with their assistance.

Regrettably, in reality, you may find they offer practically no guidance on approaching solutions and only provide technical help (if that!).

Rather than offering personal attention, they are very impersonal and robotic with their responses to the point of almost being cold and detached.The job of a good payroll provider is to build a trusting relationship with your company so they are familiar with your problems and potential problems.

After all, they are the payroll experts and you should be able to rely on them to educate and guide you in the right direction when making decisions based on their software.

One example of when your payroll provider should come to your rescue, is when implementing a new strategy.

As an HR director you may occasionally find there is a new industry reporting, filing system, or something similar, where expert guidance is needed to go about applying the strategy into your current payroll.

Your payroll provider should be able to guide you in the right direction and not leave you guessing. If they do, give them the boot!

Poor communication and negligence from your payroll provider is not only completely unprofessional, but it is also potentially damaging to your company. From wasted time to misinformation, lack of guidance, pushy sales reps and inattentiveness, you should not have to put up with such distress.

After all, you are paying a payroll service provider to make your job easier and let you focus on growing your company. If you feel at all uneasy about your payroll service provider, reevaluate their services and take the time to research other options and services.

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