Stop Solving Payroll Problems With Spreadsheets

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Stop Solving Payroll Problems With Spreadsheets?At one time or another, many companies have turned to spreadsheets as a way to solve payroll problems.

As you may know from experience, “solve” is relative considering the spreadsheets are often ultimately doing more damage than good.

There are endless circumstances where an admin may find themselves using spreadsheets, such as

  • waiting on customer support
  • payroll providers lacking support for a particular system your company already has in place
  • payroll provider uneducated on the particular needs of your company
  • payroll provider can’t implement a certain task necessary for workflow or reporting
  • and so on…

The list truly can continue for days. ??

So whether the issues are time factors, unique needs, or simply special circumstances, all too often companies find themselves relying on spreadsheets to control certain human resource procedures and payroll polices.

Unfortunately, from lawsuits to lost revenue, implementing a spreadsheet system to calculate payroll, can mean a lot of trouble for a company.

The less rogue spreadsheets you use in your payroll system, the better it is for your company.

Are You Waiting On Customer Support To Help Solve Payroll Problems??

When you have an issue with payroll, you expect immediate service from your customer support team. Yet, that’s not always the case.

You may find yourself being put on hold, being transferred, forced to call back because of a lost call, or left hanging because of long hold times. The problem then becomes, wait to get through to customer support, or solve the issue on your own using a spreadsheet?

In some occasions you may even attempt to trick your customer support team into thinking your issue is much bigger than it is, just to get them to handle a smaller urgent matter.

Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself creating a spreadsheet instead of getting help from your payroll provider customer support, then you are with the wrong provider. ??

Let’s face it, you should not feel as if you have to bypass your payroll provider and create your own hacks or shortcuts on a spreadsheet just to get your work done. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a payroll provider?

While it may seem like a good idea at the time to quickly draft a spreadsheet, it only causes more work down the road. For starters, you may be the only one with access to the spreadsheet or understand how to properly read it.

The Risks Of Your Spreadsheet “Solutions”

In addition, using a spreadsheet can result in numerous liabilities such as security risks for confidential data, inaccuracy and incompetence.

Before continuing on with the wrong payroll support team, talk to the management of your company and explain the issues you are having.

Once they see the potential risks the spreadsheets can do, steps may be taken to find a new, better payroll provider. ??

Ways Using Spreadsheets Can Cause More Damage?

After a few times on hold with customer service, it may begin to seem like a good idea to go your own way and create a spreadsheet.

You may tell yourself that you’re saving time by not interrupting your workflow with a lengthy call with customer service. In reality, it is not a good long term solution.

Spreadsheets are not a reliable way to calculate payroll needs and in many ways spreadsheets are prone to data corruption and error.

Just think, a single inaccurate entry in a formula, or the wrong change to a macro can completely ruin your spreadsheet forcing you to start all over again – if you catch the mistake. Everyone knows you’re smart, but it could take hours to track the root of the problem!??

Plus, spreadsheets are more open to human error as work can slip through the cracks and things can go unnoticed.

Additionally, manually entering data and resolving errors while double-checking for accuracy can be extremely burdensome. And, when your company does an update, you will have to go back and update all the spreadsheets again…and again! ??Whatever you do, from the start avoid the temptation to use a spreadsheet.

Grab a pencil to snap in two when you are frustrated or go look for candy in the conference room.

When you avoid spreadsheets completely, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches, and your company from potential lawsuits.

What Your Payroll Provider Should Be Offering?

While a payroll provider may have an impressive list of services on their website such as the ability to work with Quickbooks, handle workers comp, and offers no recruitment fees, your needs go much deeper.

Although you want a quality service, you don’t want to be dealing with robots. You want customer support that can handle your needs in a timely manner with politeness and courtesy. Available 24/7 would be nice too, but if that’s not possible, at least common courtesy will go a long way.

In other words, you should not be constantly placed on hold or told the lines or busy/office is closed. You should be greeted with knowledgeable service reps with backgrounds in payroll. These individuals should be able to solve issues quickly without transferring you or placing you on hold.

The payroll company you work with should be innovative, up on the latest industry trends and technology and have fast computers. The ability to troubleshoot, provide guidance in all circumstances and technical support is a given.

??When you invest your company’s time and money into working with an outside payroll provider, you should be able to trust that they are doing their jobs well enough so you can kiss your spreadsheets goodbye.

If you are forced to revert back to spreadsheets due to an inadequate and inefficient payroll company, than you need to reevaluate what you are looking for in a provider.

As you manage your team, surely your goal is to keep things running smoothly and everyone happy (for the most part, unless you’re ordering a pizza and then no one can agree and it may get chaotic). It is in your best interest to ensure your company has chosen the best payroll service for optimum performance and workplace satisfaction. ??

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