Summer Reading Round-up 2019

Summer Reading Round-up 2019 2560 1707 Balance Point Team

Summer is in full swing. Time for us to take a brief hiatus to reflect on our most popular articles from the last six months.

If you missed these the first time around, now’s the time to add them to your summer reading list.

Employee Engagement Best Practices

Are your employees coming in late? Calling out sick more often than usual? Do they appear withdrawn or stressed? If so, it’s likely they are disengaged.

Employee engagement is critical to organizational success. High levels are associated with a lower incidence of turnover and a higher level of productivity. But hope is not lost! Read out article to learn about the Four Cs your employees crave, and what you can do to satisfy them.

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Understanding New Jersey’s Family Leave Programs

Ever since New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill to amend the state’s leave entitlements, Lisa Salcido SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director of Balance Point’s human resources consulting service (BPHR), has been fielding questions about it.

The bill, which passed early this year, provides longer leave and greater benefits for New Jersey workers. In this article, Lisa breaks down how multiple existing programs are affected.

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Finally Fully Digitizing HR

Thanks to the evolution of HR technology, gone are the days of long tedious processes. HR is now taking advantage of the digital transformation and taking a more strategic role within the business.

Before investing in new software, organizations need to take a step back to create a solid strategy for selection, implementation, and adoption. This article offers advice for each stage, ensuring your team will not only accept the change, but embrace it.

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How to Turn Around a Negative Employee Engagement Situation

Did you know that 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers?

Dennis, the hiring manager featured in this article, didn’t. He didn’t realize the importance of providing employees with opportunities to learn and grow. His organization was experiencing high turnover; a record number of new hires were calling it quits within the first six months. Awareness was the first step in turning his organization around. Read what he did next to get back on the right track for success.

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How Time Tracking Software Can Boost Efficiency

Your employees are your business’ most valuable asset. How they spend their time and where they focus their energy will determine the success of the company.

For most companies, it helps to not just track, but also understand the time spent on projects, deadlines, and billable client hours. Time tracking systems are a no brainer. They help increase productivity, as well as contribute to an overall shift in efficiency and strategic planning. So why are employees so reluctant to use one? Read why and how to overcome it in this quick read.

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Learn The Secrets to Achieving a Deeply Connected Workforce

Employee engagement is critical to an organization’s success. Download our free guide to help build a passionate and highly motivated workforce. Get your copy here.
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