Summer Reading Round-up 2021

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So far 2021 has been a busy year of recovery. We could all use a break to catch our breath and catch up on reading.

Here is a compilation of our most popular articles in case you missed them in the first time around.

COVID Lawsuits and the Workplace: Leave Law Violations

One of the greatest challenges for employers at the start of the pandemic was keeping up with leave laws established by the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA). Those who failed to comply were faced with harsh penalties, including fines up to $10,000 per infraction and imprisonment!

As we move forward and the FFCRA requirements are no longer necessary, leave laws still present a challenge. In the second part of our three-part series on COVID-related workplace litigation, we present best practices to ensure future compliance.

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When Payroll Support is Not Enough

Do you know when it is time to seek guidance beyond what your payroll customer service representative can provide?

When it comes to matters like ensuring employees are paid on time, withholding the correct taxes, and facilitating direct deposit, your CSR is your go-to person. But when you need help ensuring your organization’s compliance with employment law you need a competent, HR-accredited professional.

This article helps you spot the difference and understand the importance of knowing where that line is crossed.

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How To Lead Through a Crisis

The pandemic caught employers off guard. Managers had to make critical decisions without the opportunity to prepare. Unfortunately, there was no manual or guide providing step-by-step directions on how to handle the situation. Some were successful, while others were not.

What traits did the successful leaders possess? Confidence, adaptability, and accountability. In this article we explore fours ways these traits help leaders lead through a crisis.

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What Impact Might the Biden Administration Have on Employment Law?

In this Q&A from February, Lisa Salcido, Director of our HR consulting service, tackles a question that was top of mind for business owners as President Biden took office. From minimum wage increases to stricter labor law enforcement, Lisa speculates on the changes employers can expect.

Spoiler alert: Moving in a business-unfriendly direction could drive human capital costs up and result in a more challenging environment for employers.

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How to Build a Productive Remote Team

The pandemic sparked a trial run for remote work in a big way. Many organizations succeeded in accommodating their employees’ need to work from home so much so that it has become commonplace.

There are many benefits to having a remote team, including increased job satisfaction and lower overhead. But there are challenges. Trying to achieve the same goals when everyone is in a different location isn’t easy. In this article we cover how to keep on top of your remote teams for optimal performance.

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We’ll be back at it next week delivering original and valuable content to help you get through the second half of 2021.

Happy summer!


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