6 Apps to Help CPAs During Tax Season

6 Apps to Help CPAs During Tax Season 1754 1240 Balance Point Team

7 Apps to Help CPAs During Tax SeasonBrace yourself—it’s officially tax season.

Whether you’re a doe-eyed CPA new to the shuffle or a seasoned CPA efficiency master, one thing’s certain: tax season stress is serious.

We know these unsettlingly long work weeks can drive you up a wall, so to combat the piling paperwork and encroaching deadlines, we’ve pulled together some apps that can help you remain efficient, organized, and stress free.

Say it with me, “Om. Om. Om not going to let tax season get the best of me…”


As a file-sharing application, Dropbox is one of the first and remains unparalleled in use. Accessed users can easily share, view, and edit documents in folders. Up-to-date synchronicity allows for real-time usage, and the information is stored in a secure cloud.

Of course, CPAs must keep in mind that confidential information should not be shared in this, or any other, file-sharing app.


With the variety of login credentials a typical CPA rifles through, it’s a wonder how they manage to keep up with them all. Fortunately, you no longer have to! The LastPass browser plugin saves each and every password your tired fingers type into specific folders. When you return to the website, it automatically fills in login fields to make memorizing passwords a thing of the past.

LastPass is truly useful no matter the time of year, and it’s set-it-and-forget-it functionality lasts as long as your passwords.

Feedly Pro

For $5.41 per month, Feedly Pro aggregates news from around the web into one streamlined, page. Choose the news sources that keep you up-to-date on last-second changes and accounting information and simply scroll through your feed for fast consumption.

News can be separated however you’d like. Start your day ahead of the game with the news updates you’ll need to know.


Where would we be without Waze? For on-the-go accountants, Waze is a must. Users report accidents, traffic, and other delays—redirecting you around them. For a simple mobile navigation app, Waze seriously goes the distance.


Sometimes Excel spreadsheets are just necessary. Other times, however, you might need a quick calculation without all the hassle that comes with Excel formulas. Enter Soulver. No need to set up formulas or worry about mistakes. The neat thing about this intuitive calculator is that you can enter problems as you’d think them.

An example might help. Let’s say you want to find the differences between income and expenses. One of these is rent, so you simply type “$1100 a month.” Soulver’s smart interface understands “month” as 12 in context, and will calculate it as such.

With a price-point of $11.99, Soulver simplifies calculations in a way that’s easy to jot down and easy to understand. A win-win!


After a long, long day—you need to unwind. Calm is a meditation app that ranges from 2-20 minutes of relaxing mindfulness. Users can choose to have guided meditation or guide themselves to the nature scenes in the background.

Sure, it may not help you crunch those numbers, but it will keep your mind limber and minimize stress!

Before you know it, tax season will be behind you. You’ll have reached the finish line panting, but the work you’ve accomplished cannot go understated.

We salute you for your hard work and dedication!

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