CREOKS 150 150 Susan Prebola

“I have really asked a lot of Kaitlyn. She has been extremely responsive, helpful, and professional. I appreciate her and definitely want her supervisor to know that I consider her an asset to our agency.” Jina, Payroll Manager for a non-profit

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Valor 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Great communication! We have a dedicated point of contact, but if they’re out of the office, or even in a meeting, we get a quick response from an informed replacement.”   Jennifer, Administrator at a financial firm

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Sankaty 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Karen has been an incredible resource for me. I just started in my role and she’s answered every single question I have asked and very quickly and professionally as well. Really appreciate her!”   Michele, Controller of a golf club

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Rahway Arts District

Rahway Arts District 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Our contact Tim is FANTASTIC. Always helpful and informative.”   Ann Marie, Managing Director of a nonprofit

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Chasan Law

Chasan Law 150 150 Susan Prebola

“I am very happy with Kaitlin’s support. She is very professional and follows up on pending issues. She is one of the best I’ve seen over the 30 years of managing payroll. ”   Sara, Director of Administration at a law firm

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Naranja Juice Bar

Naranja Juice Bar 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Pam has always been an expert professional and has assisted me with my many requests for my business account. An excellent experience each time; I’m thankful!”   Judy, juice bar/restaurant owner

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Premium HVAC

Premium HVAC 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Amazing! Always there when I have a question with a super-fast response time!”   Frank, President of an HVAC provider

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Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Alicia is AMAZING! So patient, supportive and always positive. Which is completely refreshing and exactly what we need as small business owners. Especially right now with the current challenges in the world, it is nice to know we have someone who cares.”   Melanie, Owner of a fitness studio

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DJ Egarian

DJ Egarian 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Rachel was incredible when it came to preparing our employee handbook. She answered all my questions and did it in a timely manner. I’m pleased with the final product, which had a last-minute update from the State right before Rachel sent it to me.”   Diane, Office Manager for an engineering firm

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Shalom Yeladim Inc.

Shalom Yeladim Inc. 150 150 Susan Prebola

“Very good, professional payroll service with amazing customer service. Everything is done quickly and on time. Every account has its own representative, so you are talking to your own payroll specialist. It is a nice feeling to know somebody takes care of you.” Irina, Bookkeeper for a preschool

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