The Importance Of Employee Feedback: How To Improve Performance Reviews

The Importance Of Employee Feedback: How To Improve Performance Reviews 2480 2480 Balance Point Team

The Importance of Employee FeedbackThe purpose of a performance review is to benefit the manager, employee, and company. It’s important that each person involved in the review is aware of what needs more attention for the overall staff and company to be successful.

Employee feedback is a crucial part of career development for employees, and managers should take the time to properly conduct a performance review with their staff.

However, if the idea of performance reviews makes you roll your eyes, you’re not alone. Most managers cringe at the idea of preparing for and executing performance reviews, and research shows that most employees feel that performance reviews are ineffective.

So why do we continue to do them?

Well there’s controversy in the field as to whether it makes sense to spend the time on them. However, there are new ideas and modern technologies in place to help improve performance reviews and deem them once again an important tool.

The Importance Of Employee Feedback

Let’s face it, the world of technology, work culture, and professionalism has changed in the last decade.

Today, employees are more empowered and demanding as ever.

As the economy grows and the job market picks up, employee engagement and retention have become a top priority. Focus has shifted to the well-being of employees and what to do to keep them happy and loyal to your company.

So what can HR do to keep up with the demands of employees?

A not so “out of the box” approach can be taken. Employee feedback.

Sounds simple, right?

Think about our society today. We want everything at the tip of our fingers. As consumers we’re able to buy something online and have it delivered the same day. We’re able to leave reviews online rating an experience we’ve had.

Customer ratings have helped businesses determined how customers are buying products, how they can improve the shopping experience, and produce products that their customers want to buy.

So all of that being said, instant feedback has proven to be successful. Why wouldn’t we want to treat employees the same way and achieve the same level of success?

How To Improve Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews should be held more frequently than once or twice a year. Employees want to know how they’re doing and how to improve in real time, not months down the road.

Millennials and how they are shaping the workforce has been a topic of conversation for some time now.

Millennials want to prove that they are capable of doing their job and doing it well. They don’t want to wait for a meeting to occur once a year, with generic feedback on how they’re doing.

They want to quickly understand how they can improve so they climb the ladder of success.

Keeping the conversation going and providing ongoing feedback is beneficial to employees and managers. Feedback helps keep employees feeling motivated and engaged, and managers are able to use the information to improve business and retain and recruit talent.

Incorporate Technology

Technology can be a great way for a company to improve their performance review process. It allows both parties to collaborate throughout the review process.

Having open communication with employees will help them feel comfortable speaking their minds and approaching management with ideas. It also allows managers to give real time feedback to employees.

Below are tools you can use to help improve your employee review process:


weekdoneAn app that delivers daily updates from your staff, a weekly team report, and the ability to share accomplishments and goals. If your performance review process isn’t organized, this is a good tool to help streamline the process a bit.


PerformYardA review full of negative feedback won’t encourage employees to improve their work. As much as an issue may need to be discussed, it’s not good to focus on just one bad experience. Managers should recognize when an employee does great work and accomplishes goals.

Managers can document and announce performance results and note positive interactions that take place during employee reviews. This tool is also very useful for improving communication in the workplace and recognizing employees who exceed expectations.


tinypulseWith TinyPulse you can improve communication and get better feedback from your team, have an alternative to manual and time consuming methods, get real time and anonymous feedback from your team, and fix high turnover while improving employee recognition.

How Employee Feedback Improves Performance Reviews

Moving forward there will still be discussions on employee performance reviews.

Are they worth the time? How should they improve?

Having an open line of communication and giving ongoing feedback to how employees are succeeding will help improve employee review processes, improve employee engagement, and keep managers and executives abreast of how the company is functioning.

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