Time Clock Punching Protocols

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We understand these are challenging times. The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly impacting your personal and professional lives. Normal, everyday practices that we have taken for granted—like shaking a colleague’s hand, getting into a crowded elevator, even touching a door handle—will spark unease for weeks, months, and perhaps years to come.

Employers will be tasked with adapting their workplaces to ensure the safety and security of their employers. Proper protocols will need to be put in place to limit co-worker contact, maintain proper social distancing, and promote good health and hygiene.

One area of concern for our clients is how to ensure employees’ safety when using a biometric device to punch in and out. These machines can be used safely and confidently, assuming certain preventative measures are taken. Here we present best practices for time clock punching:

Time Clock Punching Protocol

  • All employees waiting to punch must be separated by six feet.
  • Prior to punching, all employees must sanitize their hands.
  • Once employee punches in, they must sanitize their hands once again before beginning work.
  • All employees must wear a mask.
  • Sanitize clock(s) every two hours.
  • Use disposable gloves where feasible and applicable.

While there is no need to abandon your biometric clock, there are alternatives to consider, including:

Web Punch

Punches can be logged securely on a computer or tablet and restrictions can be configured by IP address to help prevent punches from undesired locations.

Mobile App

Employees use the Balance Point Mobile App on a smartphone to punch in/out. Location restriction can be configured through “Geo-fencing”. Additional features on the App include requesting and approving PTO, viewing accrual balances, viewing timecards, reviewing and adjusting schedules, and more.

Proximity Card/Key FOB

Using either a proximity card or an FOB that the employee carries with them, they can punch in/out “touch free.”

Your Safety and Comfort is our Top Priority

Balance Point’s main concern and is to make sure that you and your employees are safe and comfortable with your chosen method(s) of punching in and out, and we are here to discuss any and all options to assist you throughout this process. Click here to request a call. 

We wish your company uninterrupted and continued business operations, and your entire business family safety and health.

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